10 Times You Fell In Love With Sirius Black

I have a humongous crush on Sirius Black. We all have our Harry Potter crush, whether you're wild for a Weasley or gaga for Granger. But for me, I'm bananas for Black. Especially the Sirius that exists in my head when I read the books. (After all, isn't that how it usually goes?)

Maybe it's the whole bad-boy-with-good-morals thing. Maybe it's how I picture him: strong and passionate, with rugged good looks and a gentle side. Plus, with his wild spirit, you just know every day with Sirius would be a new adventure.

Sirius is a character full of life and passion. Even after bearing 12 years in one of the cruelest places in the world, he's still got a hard grasp on to his beliefs and his character. He is a person who fights for what is right, no matter the cost to himself. Whether you've got the hots for him or not, you've got to admit, that's pretty admirable.

We also go on such a heart-wrenching journey with Sirius as a character. We start out by being afraid of him, hearing about him as a psychotic mass murderer out for Harry. Then, when we find out the truth, we have a heart-racing rush of hope for Harry's future. In Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix , Sirius' existence is a beacon of knowledge and support for Harry. And after his death, Sirius' memory stands as a reason for Harry to keep fighting.

If you're like me, here are all the moments when you fell hard for our favorite Azkaban-escapee.

1. When you found out he used to drive a flying motorcycle.

What. A. Stud. Can you just imagine riding on the back of that thing with your arms wrapped around him?

2. When you saw him pre-Azkaban in the photo album, and then again in the Pensieve.

Before Sirius went to Azkaban, he was full of life and laughter. With long black hair, pulled back into a ponytail, and that bad-boy vibe, it's no wonder the girls went crazy for him.

3. When you learned that he had been framed.

Not being a psychotic murderer always ups your hotness level. Plus, that switch from thinking that he is going to kill Harry to realizing that he is 100% on Harry's side makes every reader's heart do a couple thousand back flips.

4. When you discovered the Remus/Sirius section of Mugglenet.

Nothing like some steamy fan fiction to get your motor running. And there are so many great romantic opportunities between Sirius and Lupin. Sa-woon!

5. All the times he gave Harry advice and support.

There's no doubt that, for all his flaws, Sirius is a smart man with an unyielding desire to do good. Whether he is advising the Trio from a cave or from a fire in the common room, he always lends them a keen perspective. There are so many brilliant quotes from Sirius throughout the books.

6. When you saw his devotion to his friends.

Sirius is unendingly loyal, especially to James. It's so touching to see such a strong bond. After all, he becomes an Animagus just so he could be by Lupin's side in his times of need, which is no small feat.

7. When he fought to protect Harry.

Talk about bravery, Sirius goes into every battle full-throttle. And if you think you can mess with his godson, you've got another think coming.

8. When you found out about his anti-Muggle family.

It's a mark of Sirius's greatness that even when raised in a family that was so racist and cruel, he rebelled for what was right.

9. When you saw his gentle side as he cared for Buckbeak.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix , Sirius spends a lot of time helping the sick Buckbeak. The humane, loving way he treats such an often-misunderstood character would make anyone's heart melt. Plus, being misunderstood and put on the chopping block is something that Sirius can relate to.

10. When he died and you felt like your heart was breaking into a thousand pieces.

Once he died, you realized how important Sirius really was to you. You too wanted to smash every object in Dumbledore's office, because the pain felt that unbearable.

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