7 Times You Fell In Love With Snape

He may be a controversial character, but I don't care: I love Severus Snape from Harry Potter. Who can resist a brooding antihero? And who can resist the romance of Harry Potter? Despite Snape's flaws, I can't help but care deeply about the Potions professor we all once hated. I simply can't resist a character who seems purely evil at the start but worms their way into my heart.

It's easy to love Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They're the heroes of the story, they try to always do the right thing, and as a kid I always identified with them. It's also easy to fall in love with the older generation of Hogwarts students: Sirius seems like the perfect rebel, Lupin is responsibly adorable, and James is the typical suave Gryffindor.

Severus Snape is harder to love. He doesn't have the Marauders' dashing looks, or their finesse. He's obsessed with the dark arts and mistreats the girl he loves the most. He has a nasty temper and takes it out on the world, not to mention that he apparently hates shampoo. With so much working against him, none of us should fall in love with him, right?

Wrong. Because even though Snape has so much working against him, at his core he can never let go of his love. So despite the fact that he's deeply flawed, here are some of Snape's best moments when you saw that glimmer of goodness beneath the curtain of greasy black hair.

1. When He Told Lily She Was A Witch

Young Severus doesn't seem like a person who makes friends easily, but something draws him to Lily Evans, and their friendship is so sweet. Oddball Snape, with his mismatched clothes, and sweet little Lily with her friendly disposition, are the cutest outcasts. Snape has awkward social skills, but the fact that he makes an effort with Lily is so completely endearing.

2. When He Emphasized How Much He Values Intelligence

OK, so maybe Snape takes things too far in his admiration for the dark arts, but it is attractive that he values intelligence. When James says that he needs to be in House of Gryffindor, Snape retorts that he values brains over brawn... and his studious nature reflects that bold statement. And it's clear, from his notes in the Half-Blood Prince textbook, that Severus really is a bit of a genius. And that's pretty attractive.

3. When We Find Out His Worst Memory

Though Snape also did terrible things — he could never overcome his prejudices — he also had to endure quite a bit of bullying. Harry witnesses Snape's worst memory, a moment when Snape is tormented by the Marauders, and you can't help but feel sympathetic. Snape didn't lash out for no reason; he was young and stupid and trying to regain his pride. Even at his lowest point, it's impossible not to feel emotions for him, because his dilemma is so tragic: he's in love with the wrong girl and doesn't know what to do. Classic Romeo and Juliet.

4. When He Called Himself The Half-Blood Prince

Ambition is attractive, and Snape is certainly ambitious. He gives himself the nickname the Half-Blood Prince, and we all know that he wants to be more than the Potions professor. You can't help falling in love with someone with such a strong work ethic.

5. When Snape Becomes A Double Agent

At a huge risk to himself, Snape becomes a double agent for Dumbledore, to honor Lily's memory and protect Harry. He had already lost the woman he loved, but instead of completely surrendering to the dark side, Snape protected a child who looked just like James Potter, the man he hated most. Say what you will about Snape, but that is a beautiful tribute.

6. When He Gives Harry His Memories

Snape's memories were very painful. He was tormented by the Marauders, and he made some terrible choices. But still, he chose to give Harry access to these memories instead of taking them to the grave — he wanted Harry to know the truth.

7. When His Patronus Never Changed

When Snape falls in love, it lasts. Always.

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