11 Prom Weekend Ideas To Help Kick Off A New Chapter Of Your Life

Now that prom season is here, it's time to finally bring that dress for a spin. Next up? Checking off a list of memorable prom weekend ideas to spend with your favorite people. There is something for everyone during this weekend.

It seems like every high school has its own unique traditions. Usually, much of this has to do with geographical location and neighborhood lifestyle. However, while all the "cool kids" are doing one thing or the other, don't feel like you need to follow the crowd. Choose an activity that suits your personality and the interests of your friend group.

Heck, you can even ditch prom all together. Yeah, I went there. These days, I've noticed so many high school students have been trading in the usual prom traditions for something out of the ordinary. It all comes down to what you value the most. If attending prom is something you’re looking forward to, then go for it. If not? Don't force yourself just because everyone else is going. You totally have a choice, you grown-up you.

Prom or not, use this time of the year to cultivate long-lasting memories. Most importantly, don’t forget to be safe and have fun!

1. Head to the beach

Snag a hotel for the weekend with your best friends, and soak in the freedom and sun rays. Don't forget to scope out nearby boardwalks, too. There's a good chance other future grads will be in town the same weekend, so be sure to book your room as soon as possible.

2. Throw a pool party

Not just any pool party, either. I'm talking about a weekend-long pool party. This boardwalk-alternative is an excellent choice if you're lucky enough to have a pool. You can even save cash by asking everyone to bring some grub, pot luck style. It's basically an extended poolside sleepover.

3. Camp in the wild

Do you and your friends love the outdoors? Pack up your car and head into the wilderness. It's the perfect way to detach yourself from all the prom craziness that just went down. Plus, the warm weather will set you up for prime hiking vibes.

4. Host a bonfire

A bonfire is one of those amazing ways to soak in that glorious summer night air. Beaches, fields, and mountains are all great options. It's one of the best ways to get everyone pumped for the summer ahead. Just be sure to get someone involved who knows how to properly operate a bonfire. Safety first, people.

5. Go on a road trip

The summer season is a wonderful time for road trips. Instead of tying yourself down to one place, consider a weekend-long road trip full of exploration and adventure. The awesome thing about a road trip is that you can incorporate everything else on this list at different times. Your trip, your rules.

6. Visit an amusement park

Love roller coasters and arcade games? Spend a day or two unleashing post-high school stress at an amusement park. Extra points if you can combine a park visit with beach jaunts and road trips, too.

7. Explore a new city

You've just finished a major milestone in your life, marking the era of new beginnings. Kick it off by exploring a city that you haven't checked out before. Remember, even smaller cities have their charm. It all comes down to scoping out the simple, fun activities that each unique area has to offer.

8. Throw a dinner party

If you're the type of person who loves to eat good food with good company, organize a dinner party with your best pals. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you'd like. You can even get everyone involved and prepare the food together. How's that for making memories?

9. Relax at the spa

OK, so maybe you just got your hair and nails done for the big night. But this doesn't mean you don't deserve a little extra pampering. Treat yourself for a job well done by spending a day at a spa. Even a simple back massage can do wonders for your mind.

10. Go to a comedy club

For a change of scenery, attend a late-night comedy show for a few hours of good laughs. It's another way to relax and recover after the last few weeks of craziness.

11. Sleep it off

Yes, you read that right. If you've had an especially stressful semester, consider taking it easy during prom weekend. It doubles as the best time to finally snag some space from everyone else. And while this might seem more appealing to introverts, it never hurts to entertain the idea. This is especially true if prom isn't one of your priorities. And you know what? That's totally OK.

Images: Bossfight; Unsplash