This Book Is Full Of Colorful Curses — Literally

by Megan Grant

What started out as innocent doodles turned into the best art project for grown-ups. In fact, this international curse word coloring book for adults will combine the child in you with the guilty pleasure we all experience from dropping a good ol' fashioned expletive. Christine Rai was looking to recreate that feeling we all got as kids when we said a naughty word, so her project started with writing out the curse words on a colorful background. These creations morphed into more elaborate doodles, which she posts on Instagram under the name @mycursesincursive; and then, upon a friend's suggestion, she took the steps to turn it into a full-blown coloring book, which she's currently crowdfunding via Kickstarter.

And she's not pulling the words only from English, either. Rai — who tells Bustle in an email that her favorite swear word is f*ck ("It's a classic you can sprinkle into any sentence to spruce it up," she says) — is taking a collection of curses from across the globe, looking into their origins and history, and uniting us all in the most unexpected of ways as a result. "I've gotten messages from tons of people who felt a sense of pride in seeing their culture represented in my collection of swear words, and were eager to share more words and phrases from their language," Rai tells Bustle. "Using profanity, expletives, and insults is a universally human thing we all do, and collecting that experience and sharing it was one of my primary reasons in making the book."

What I love about this whole idea is its multiple purposes: It's fun and silly, but you can also learn something from it. "I'd love for the book to brighten someone's day and make them laugh. Everyone needs some time to not be serious," Rai explains, reflecting the simple benefit of happiness that many of us gain from adult coloring books. "And I hope someone becomes curious about one of the languages represented in the book and decides to learn more about that language or culture."

In her goal to produce not only a fun and engaging activity, Rai also wanted to make a product of high quality. After a few drafts of the project, she ended up with the nicest recycled paper you could ever color on; the color won't bleed through, no matter what tool you use. The images come in a variety of complexity levels, assuring there's something in there for everyone, and you'll never get bored.

So what's next on Rai's agenda? I was curious if she would turn this brilliant book into a series. "I definitely plan on doing a couple of coloring books," she shared. While the current book includes 38 swear words, she has plenty of others to do a sequel. But that's not all she's thinking about: "... I do know the next book I draw after this one won't be curse words."

But for now... curse words.

I certainly wouldn't mind a swear word coloring book for adults! I recently became obsessed with ColorIt and have spent hours coloring beautiful flowers and intricate designs. Christine Rai's unique coloring book sounds like the perfect addition to any grown-up's collection.

Be sure to visit Rai's Instagram page to see more of her work. Also, don't forget to visit her Kickstarter page to help her raise a little cash for this [bleep]-ing awesome coloring book. As of today (May 10), she's super close to reaching her goal, guys!

Images: Miguel A. Padrinan/Pexels; mycursesincursive/Instagram (3)