Signs Your Parents Raised You To Be A Free Spirit

by Megan Grant
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Our society has protocol for how to raise children — obedient, rule-abiding, polite, ambitious little kids. Then there are parents who raise their kids to be free spirits, effectively saying, "Screw your protocol," and doing things their own way. I think I fell somewhere in between these two methods of parenting. While my mom always encouraged me to get good grades and eat my veggies, there was still a sense of creativity and flexibility growing up in our household. When I realized I wanted to be a writer and started my own newspaper — covering, at the time, Monica Lewinsky — she was my most loyal reader. (Side note: I was about 10 years old.) She was also 100 percent in when I told her I simultaneously wanted to be an astronaut about five years later. (Thanks, Mom.)

Free-spirited people, like everyone else, have their own stereotype. They're largely viewed as carefree hippies, and we're pretty sure we've spotted one when we see a man with a ponytail or a woman who doesn't wear a bra. Stereotypes are silly (bra-free is all kinds of fun, but more importantly, whether or not you wear one doesn't define who you are in the slightest), and oftentimes totally false; but if you were raised as a free spirit, then there's a good chance you remember these things about your parents.

1. They Let You Dress Yourself

Did your mom let you run errands with her dressed in a cape, tutu, and ruby slippers inspired by The Wizard of Oz? You lucky duck.

2. Haircuts Weren't A Requirement

Little boys are allowed to have long hair. Little girls can have short hair. Technically, all the hair hanging on your head is dead anyway. So... who cares?

3. They Encouraged You To Explore The Arts

If your parents fully supported your loves of painting and playing the clarinet as much as they did math and science, you were definitely raised to be a free spirit.

4. Make Believe Was Absolutely Crucial

My mom would read me stories all the time and she would even do the voices and we'd have tea parties with all my dolls. I call that a win.

5. You Were Allowed To Go By A Different Name

If your parents named you Stephanie but you woke up one morning deciding you would only answer to Ralph, and your parents we OK with it, yes, free spirit.

6. Playtime Outdoors Was A Must

Movies and video games were all well and good, but your parents also encouraged you to unplug and go play outside until the streetlights came on. You'd walk inside dirty and exhausted, and life was good.

7. "Rules" Were Fuzzy — They Were More Like Guidelines

Your parents wanted to give you the freedom to express yourself; so even if they told you no, it was usually negotiable.

8. You Were Never Sent To Your Room, Grounded, Or Spanked

It's not like they were thrilled when you drew on the white walls with black permanent marker, but they also didn't want to cramp your style. So they gave you a stern talking to and asked you to help them paint over it.

9. "Bad" Grades Weren't The End Of The World

Your parents were never upset that you always got a C+ in math, because they were too busy admiring the scaled-down replica of the Eiffel Tower that you made using nothing but popsicle sticks.

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