13 Mismatched Best Friend Tattoos For Unique BFFs

We’ve all heard of "best friends forever" getting matching tattoos with each other. In fact, you might have indulged in this pastime yourself. But what about getting mismatched best friend tattoos? Meaning you both get inked at the same time, but choose your own unique designs.

Although some may argue that this destroys the point of BFF ink, I have to disagree. IMO, the entire process of sharing your inspiration with your friend, going to a tattoo salon together, and getting inked in the same sitting all makes for a truly special event. You don’t need the same image in order to remember your best bud every time you look at your ink, after all.

Besides, besties each bring something to the table and at the end of the day, no matter how close you are, you’re two individual humans. Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin got tattoos at the same time, but they were completely different etches. And those gals know a thing or two about what’s cool.

We shouldn’t have to forfeit our identities for the sake of jumping on the tattoo trend bandwagon. Instead, let's do our own thing and get inked with a design we love, not one we compromised on. So here’s some awesome inkspo for BFFs who want to share an exciting experience together, but want to rep their own individual tastes, too.

1. The Opposites Attract Tat

Amongst best buds, there's often one wild child and one more sensible soul. If this sounds like you and your BFF, you're bound to like this contemporary text based tattoo.

2. The Big & Small

Pick a design that's meaningful to you both and choose who wants to go large and which of you prefers the smaller scale. This is perfect for when one half of your duo is getting their first ink, while the other is already illustrated.

3. The Pineapples

Just because you're bosom buddies doesn't mean you have to lose your individuality. This pair each picked their fave pineapple design and shared the experience of going under the needle together.

4. The Friday The 13th Styles

Stick to a theme and choose entirely different designs like these BFFs who picked Friday the 13th-inspired ink.

5. The Moon-Inspired Ink

Alternatively, choose for part of your design to look the same, while the rest is unique to you. That way you get to carry a little piece of your BFF with you wherever you go, in a totally non-macabre way, of course.

6. The Mini Moon & Sun

Micro tattoos are really trendy and are the perfect antidote for those who want to dip their toe into the tattoo pool without going OTT. These cute tattoos seem to symbolize that this pair would be nothing without each other.

7. The Crystal Designs

Eco-friendly pals can pick quirky, crystal designs to show off their shared love for the natural world.

8. The Cute Cartoons

Girly girls will adore these darling rubber duck-inspired designs. Just pick your favorite color and you're ready to go.

9. The Disney Designs

Diehard Disney fans will love these minimal Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs. I'll leave you to fight over who gets which character.

10. The Mermaidens

Water babies and fans of fantasy and folklore alike may want to consider getting mermaid tattoos. The position of these designs on the foot makes these mermaidens look like they're truly under the sea.

11. The Puzzle Piece Lyric Tats

These designs are awesome for BFFs who have the same tastes in music. If you share the same favorite song, what better way could there be to honor your friendship and your most beloved band or artist than with a lyric-inspired puzzle piece tattoo?

12. The Unicorn-Inspired Styles

BFFs looking to inject some magic into their lives will be needing these spellbinding unicorn tattoos. These pals share a similar design, but one's colored while the other features just the outline.

13. The Strange & Unusual Ink

These creepy yet seriously cool tattoos were created by artist Dante Vistani at LaBoratory Tattoo's Slidell Studio in Louisiana. They're perfect for any gals who fancy something a little different.

These unique tattoos prove that even though you may be joined at the hip with you're best friend, you are still awesome individuals, too. So pick your favorite style, make it unique to your friendship and to yourself, and book your next session.

Image: loral_5244/Instagram