'Legends Of Tomorrow' Ended On A Major Cliffhanger

Legends of Tomorrow's freshman season may have focused solely on killing Vandal Savage (a mission which they successfully accomplished in the finale, by the way), but our heroes problems are far from over. Because much like weeds, even when you put one dangerous threat down, another one is bound to pop up in its place. And thanks to the Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 finale, we now have a better idea of where next season is heading. Before the Legends could embark on a new adventure a man by the name of Rex Tyler, played by Suits star Patrick J. Adams, showed up on an identical Waverider, warning them not to get on their ship or else they'll all die. So who is Rex Tyler and, perhaps more importantly, why should we trust him?

Fans of the DC Comics undoubtedly recognize the name Rex Tyler as the superhero known as Hourman. Just like Adams' character said, he's a valued member of the Justice Society of America, which makes him one of the good guys. As for Rex Tyler's powers, during his days as a biochemist, he developed a miracle drug called Miraclo that could give the user super human strength, super speed, and durability, but only for an hour at a time, which he began using on himself. (Hence the name Hourman.)

But back to the issue at hand. Obviously, this guy comes from the future since he mentioned that Mick Rory had been the one who sent him with the message of their impending doom. He knew exactly where to track them down. But how he got there is the least of their problems. If Rex Tyler is right and they're all marked for death, who is it that poses such an enormous threat? It's hard to imagine something harder to defeat than Vandal Savage, but I'm willing to bet that facing a new Big Bad is exactly where this is heading.

Could he be referring to the Thanagarians that we've heard so much about or is it a different enemy altogether? And why are the Legends the main target? Something tells me it's going to be an action-packed Season 2.

Image: Dean Buscher/The CW