The Britney Spears BBMAs Memes You NEED To See

Very important question: Does the "B" in "BBMAs" stand for the Brit-Brit Music Awards? OK, so they're actually the Billboard Music Awards, but someone should rename it ASAP, considering Britney Spears opened the 2016 show — and managed to steal the spotlight in the process. Anything that happens on-stage afterwards is just a bonus. To celebrate her Billboard Millennium Award, Spears performed a medley of her hits, ranging from "Work B*tch" to "I'm A Slave 4 U." Still, the slew of Britney Spears Billboard Music Award memes on Twitter were as inevitable as an "Toxic" soundbite.

Unsurprisingly, Spears didn't disappoint her army of fans. From the dance moves to the costume to the nostalgia, she made the most of the performance. As someone who's been a fan since she first debuted in the '90s, I was quite content. But because the internet is the internet, she wasn't immune to jokes. I mean, if Chrissy Teigen taught this generation anything, it's that memes can happen to the best of us — and yes, that includes the queen of pop.

Here's a round-up of the funniest responses to Brit's Billboards performance. Because the "Womanizer" singer isn't the only one who nailed it tonight. Twitter users brought their A game too.

1. Religious Holiday

Totally an acceptable excuse to skip class, right?

2. After-Work Ritual

The most relatable tweet.

3. Trust Issues

She's Britney Spears. It doesn't even matter if she lip syncs.

4. The Best Show

Can't the entire show just be a Brit medley? I don't need anything else.

5. Subway Struggles

Seriously, though.

6. Center Of Attention


7. One Note

As soon as Brit opened her mouth, the rest was history.

8. Nighttime

OK, this one is accurate too.

Leave it to Queen Britney to set the internet on fire, that's all I'm saying.