The Best U.S. Cities To Meet Outdoorsy Singles

With summer just a few short weeks away, OkCupid's Summer of Heat map is here to the rescue. That way you won't be standing around in the mid-summer heat of Brooklyn, wondering where all your like-minded singles might be. A quick glance at the map, and you know.

After analyzing the data of three million users in almost 3,000 locations, OkCupid was able to deduce exactly where certain personalities congregate and thrive. The map has a breakdown of all those places to which you should be headed this summer, if you’re looking to find someone just like you — or maybe find someone completely opposite of you, which could be nice for a change. Whether your personality falls within the cultured category, the geeky, the most optimistic, the opinionated, the most drug-friendly (shout out to Portland!), the horniest, or even the most offensive, OkCupid has them all listed out. Yes, no matter your personality type, there’s a city in the U.S. or Canada where you can find your own people.

As for those of you who are outdoorsy and want to find your fellow outdoorsy types, then you probably want to steer clear of the Bronx, and pretty much lots of Florida and California. Or if you feel the call of the wild in your soul and need to meet your exact counterpart, here are the top 10 places to go if you’re looking for outdoorsy folks. But first, check out the latest episode of Bustle's Sex and Relationships podcast, I Want It That Way:

10. Bellingham, Washington

Starting off the top 10 list of the most outdoorsy cities comes Bellingham, Washington. It’s on the coast, for beach lovers, and sits in between Seattle and Vancouver — two other cities on this top 10 list.

9. Asheville, North Carolina

While North Carolina and outdoorsy might not go completely go hand-in-hand in everyone’s mind (mine, to be honest), Asheville calls the Blue Ridge Mountains home. Mountains, I hear, are great for climbing.

8. Eugene, Oregon

Going back out to the West Coast, we have Eugene in eighth place on this list. It’s a bit south of Portland and I’ve heard good things from some hippy friends who moved out there after college and live in a tent by choice. Eugene is also in the top 10 of the kinkiest cities in the United States, in case you need something to do after climbing trees and such.

7. Seattle, Washington

Despite the incessant rain that hangs over Seattle like a dark cloud, the fantastic coffee must even everything out because it comes in seventh place in this top 10 list of the most outdoorsy places for singles to meet other singles. Outdoorsy and rainy, of course.

6. Boulder, Colorado

My sister lives in Boulder and that’s where she met her husband. And, every time we talk, she and her family are planning some trip to hike or ski or camp or rock climb or… all those things that I only see in movies. All her friends are like that, too, and they want me to learn how to do this hiking thing of which they’re so fond. So, yes, based on what I know of Boulder, it coming in at sixth place makes more than perfect sense.

5. Vancouver, British Columbia

According to anyone who’s ever been to Vancouver, this is one of the most beautiful places in the world — full of all the outdoorsy things any outdoorsy guy or gal would want to experience, no matter what time of year it is.

4. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Since my knowledge of Albuquerque doesn’t extend much past Breaking Bad, I’m more surprised this city isn't on the drug-friendly list, to be honest. (Maybe Breaking Bad is fiction after all?) Either way, outdoorsy people, Albuquerque is number four on the list.

3. Montreal, Quebec

When it comes to North American cities, Montreal is about as close as you’ll get to that European feel, especially Old Montreal. But despite its cosmopolitan feel, it’s a hub for the outdoorsy crew, as evidenced by it’s third spot on the list.

2. Denver, Colorado

Coming in at the second spot for outdoorsy folks is Denver. Denver is about 30 minutes from Boulder and also finds itself in the top 10 most socially-conscious list, too.

1. Portland, Oregon

In the top spot for those who like be outdoorsy and date those who also like to run around in the wilderness, is Portland. Which, I might add, is also the top place for the cities that are most drug-friendly. So, if we do a little basic math, that means if you like to get stoned and hike, you should probably move to Portland now.

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