11 Ways To Cut Your School T-Shirts

Leaving school can be a difficult process. Even if you're just segueing from junior high to high school, there are big changes ahead. You might have some great memories that you're not yet ready to let go of, though. To keep them alive, figuring out how to cut your school shirts and give them a new lease of life is crucial. In fact, it's not uncommon for folks to keep their old school shirts as mementos, usually tucked away in some keepsake box in the back of their closets well into adulthood.

If you're someone who likes to live a minimal lifestyle and you don't keep things that don't serve a purpose, or that you're simply not head over heels for, you might want to transform your old school shirt into something else. When you leave an educational institution — be it elementary school, university, or anywhere in between — you're bound to have a bunch of tees from various groups and occasions. Your T-shirt pile likely includes old Spirit Week tees, tops from sporting or academic groups you belonged to, or even plain ones you scrawled with an activist message.

In order to put your old school shirts to use and get your craft on, here are some ways to cut your school T-shirts so your memories can live on.

1. The Halter Neck

All you need for this handy halter neck DIY is a ruler, a pen, and a pair of scissors. There's an optional sewing/fabric glue step, but if you're new to crafting, you can leave this out. The finished product makes for an awesome summery shirt.

2. The Fringed Tank

Another great style to sport in the summertime is a fringed tank top. When you're not quite ready to adult yet after graduating college, you can rock this top until fall and stay a student for as long as you can.

3. The Off-The-Shoulder Tee

This DIY is fantastic for those who are challenged in the craft department. (Hey, we're all good at something!) A carefully placed snip here and a snip there make for one cool off-the-shoulder top.

4. The Pretty Bow Sleeve Shirt

With the help of her trusty sewing machine, this clever vlogger shows viewers how to add sweet bows into their favorite shirts' sleeves. This is a great DIY for T-shirts featuring a design on the torso that you're fond of, because it's all about the sleeves.

5. The Cut-Up Back T-Shirt

Bring sexy back with this quirky cut-back shirt. Don't be put off by the finished product. It may look difficult to achieve, but it's much easier than it appears.

6. The Stylish Shrug

If you fancy something really unique, you can make a quick, easy shrug out of your favorite school shirt.

7. The Shirt Skirt

Perhaps you already have way too many shirts in your wardrobe. If that's the case, you can transform your school top into a cool skirt instead.

8. The T-Shirt Necklace

Maybe your school shirt is pretty plain, or you aren't too keen on the design but you still want to keep it for nostalgic reasons. If this sounds like your situation, why not craft your tee into a contemporary necklace instead? You'll probably get far more use out of it.

9. The Pencil Cases

If you're transitioning from middle school to high school, or high school to university, chances are you're going to need a pencil case for your classes and lectures. Instead of spending your student loan or earnings from your part-time job, you can craft the cutest pencil case out of your old school tees. This way you'll still have a piece of your memories with you wherever you end up.

10. The Shirt Backpack

For the ultimate in preppy fashion, whether you're going back to school or not, you can transform your old shirt into a backpack. This DIY suits long-sleeved, button-down shirts, so if you had to wear a uniform to your old school, this craft might be ideal for you.

11. The Cute Pillow

For the ultimate in nostalgia, you can craft yourself an adorable pillow from your old school shirt. This tutorial is super speedy and needs little experience and few supplies. If you're heading to college, this school shirt pillow could be your subtle comfort blanket that'll come in handy whenever you're missing home.

There's no reason to throw out your old school shirts or stuff them deep inside your closet, especially if you want to be reminded of all the fun times you've had while wearing them. So get your craft on and make something memorable.

Image: Fame School Of Style/YouTube (1)