Wait, So How Did Drake & Hailey Baldwin Meet?

Hold the phone — there may be a new lady in Drake's life. And nope, it's not Rihanna, despite their years of on-again, off-again rumors. Instead, the "Hotline Bling" singer may be dating a model. According to TMZ, that model is none other than Hailey Baldwin. Even if they're not "dating," these two have definitely been spending time together. So, how did Drake and Hailey Baldwin meet anyway? They've got quite a few mutual friends, who likely made the intro. Since Drake's motto is "no new friends," wouldn't it make sense that a pal introduced him? That's my best guess.

Because Drake is close with the Kardashian-Jenner family, he attended Kendall's birthday party in November. Photos of the pair sparked dating rumors around Christmastime. But guess who was right there with them? Baldwin. She posed in their photobooth pictures too. Since Jenner is besties with Baldwin, it's possible she played cupid. Perhaps she wanted to set her friend up with a great guy, and what better option than heart-on-his-sleeves rapper, Drake? It's also plausible that after faux kisses in the photo below, they decided to try it for real. OK, I'm probably letting my imagination get the better of me, but I genuinely think it's possible that the two first met at Ken-Jenn's birthday. See for yourself:

There's also another major connection between the two: Justin Bieber. Yup, the Biebs. However, considering he and Baldwin dated, it'd be slightly puzzling why he would intro his ex to Drake. Then again, he's a huge fan of his fellow Canadian. For instance, Drake and Bieber were super buddy-buddy at the Views album release party. Maybe he thought that since things between him and Baldwin didn't work out, Bieber decided to play matchmaker? Considering how much the "Sorry" singer has surprised me in the past few years, I really wouldn't be surprised by this scenario. Especially since Drizzy once shipped #Jelena, maybe Bieber wanted to spread the love.

Although Drake and Baldwin haven't confirmed anything, they don't have to. It's clear that in the very least they're friends. So please keep the dog Snapchat filters coming. Because come on, Drake's reaction to being a Dalmatian is pure gold.