Of Course Matthew Lewis Is In This Hogwarts House

by Emma Oulton

Pottermore is seriously spoiling us this week. We've had numerous cast photos from The Cursed Child , interviews with various members of the Weasley family, and now the kind folks at Pottermore have graced us with another treat: Matthew Lewis has taken the Sorting Hat quiz. Unlike the sorting videos we saw earlier this week, Lewis didn't answer any other interview questions — probably because he put so much effort into answering the Sorting Hat correctly that they ran out of time. I'm not even kidding, Lewis took this test seriously — which I totally respect.

So far, the results have been fairly unsurprising. Bonnie Wright's Hogwarts house is exactly what you'd expect; Rupert Grint's Hogwarts house makes a lot of sense; but it's Matthew Lewis' house that's really a no-brainer. From the moment the video starts up, his lovable grin makes it clear he was never going to be a Slytherin.

But the biggest clue is when faced with a question about whether or not to tell a teacher about a friend's wrongdoing. Matthew Lewis makes it clear: "I'm not going to grass on a friend." ("Grass" is British slang for telling tales.) With loyalty like that, there could only be one answer. And sure enough...

The results are in, and Matthew Lewis is a Hufflepuff — which will surprise exactly nobody. Lewis himself says he's "thrilled" with the result — which, as Potterheads will remember from Harry's desire not to be in Slytherin, is the most important thing in the end.

Image: Pottermore/YouTube