Which Classic 'Star Wars' Character Could Be Joining 'Rogue One'? There Are A Few Exciting Possibilities

Following the success of Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens, fans are now gearing up for not only the continuation of the original Star Wars storyline, but they're also preparing for the upcoming additional spin-off stories that are set to begin production. So far, some of the spin-offs set to hit theaters include the December 2016 release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — which seemingly occurs before the events shown in Star Wars: Episode VII — and the upcoming Han Solo prequel story. However, there's a chance that these spin-off stories may not be as far off from the original trilogy as fans thought. As a classic Star Wars character could be joining Rogue One on-set in the coming days. In fact, Variety reporter Justin Kroll took to Twitter to reveal that scheduled reshoots for Rogue One are being made specifically so that the important cameo could be made.

Kroll, who referred to an unnamed source upon tweeting the news, didn't provide any specifics on who the additional character in Rogue One might be. However, he did tweet shortly after that his own speculation would be that Han Solo would be making an appearance — Especially since Alden Ehrenreich was recently cast as young Han. But that doesn't mean that he's the only potential cameo there is. Even though he does make a pretty good point.

On the flip side of things, I've got a few other ideas on who the Rogue One cameo could be. For example, if Rogue One connects to The Force Awakens , a possible cameo could be one from Maz Kanata to help fill in the blanks on her story. Or, to really bring home the concept of Jyn Erso being Rey's mom, perhaps a young Luke Skywalker could meet Jyn at some point in the film? That would also help connect some dots and assist in completing some of the fan theories surrounding who Rey's parent's might be.

But, then again, as it would be if Han Solo was the cameo, a connection to The Force Awakens is not a must. Instead it would make more sense for Rogue One to focus on connecting to A New Hope given it's spot on the Star Wars timeline. With that said, production could simply be continuing so that those apparent Darth Vader cameos could be tweaked up a bit. However, Rogue One could also be the perfect way to bring in missing characters from each of the original trilogies.

Meanwhile, with all of those possibilities aside, I have my heart set on Star Wars finally casting a young Princess Leia. And no, I'm not crazy. Because, if fans remember correctly, the events in Episode IV essentially occur in response to Princess Leia receiving the Death Star plans that the Rebel spies are out to get. So, with that said, I would love for Rogue One to show this exact interaction taking place prior to R2-D2 getting them and being on his way. And, of course, no one would be expecting to see her show up.

Anyway... Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on December 16, 2016. And no matter what the cameo is, we can all expect to see at least one familiar face.

Images: Lucasfilm; Walt Disney Pictures; Giphy