Do You Have Hairy Toes? Here's How Normal It Is

The sun has got his hat on and you're probably looking forward to soaking up some rays soon. However, you may be struggling with body hair issues, in particular, wondering if your toe hair is normal. If Western society was a person, they'd probably be a total ass most of the time. Amongst the shocking things that would come out of their mouth, there might be a plethora of beauty rules for gals and guys alike to follow. But, during the summer months, there'd probably be a huge focus on body hair.

The stereotypical (but totally unimportant) body hair commandments we have all come to know and hate are lengthy. For men these include: Either totally hairless or very hairy chests with no in-between, shiny shoulders, no monobrows, no hairy ears or noses, and zero hairy backs. That list is not exhaustive, but in Western society, they're probably the main offenders. For women, the list is endless; we're told we basically have to look like bald, newborn rats with not a hair on our bods from the eyelashes down. Thankfully, many folks are rebelling against this ridiculous beauty ideal; some ladies rock rainbow colored armpit hair to show how beautiful their body hair is, while others flat out refuse to shave anymore.

You'd think a body part as tiny as a toe would fly under the radar of most folks, however, even these small foot phalanges have to live up to a crazy beauty ideal. Remember that insane scene from Shallow Hal, when Hal tells his friend how he ditched a girl because her second toe was longer than her big toe? Of course, this is an exaggeration, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are some extremely vain people out there in the world like Hal.

So with all that in mind, where does this leave us ladies with hairy toes? According to a study, reported on by The Daily Mail, out of the Top 20 Beauty Secrets Women Hide From Men, the number one spot was, "Pluck / shave hair from toes" which speaks volumes about how totally common toe hair is. My guess would be that it depends on how hairy you are as a person, to how sparse or thick your toe hair is. IMO, you should treat your toe hair as you do the hair on the rest of your body; if it bothers you get rid of it, if you're okay with it leave it alone.

In this day and age nobody should feel pressured to get rid of any hair on their body, so don't let other people pressure you into doing so. If someone's giving you some grief about your foresty feet, they're probably not worth knowing, because nobody has the right to shame anyone else's body parts, no matter how big or small. So, embrace your Hobbit feet this summer, invest in a Barbie comb to neaten up your toe knuckles, and don't be held back by body hair insecurities – toe hair is perfectly normal.

Images: Imani Clovis/Unsplash; RyanMcGuire, tookapic, shelley_shang/Pixabay