The Best Red, White, And Blue Armpit Hair On IG

Thinking of pulling off something a little more unusual this 4th of July? How about color co–ordinating your body hair so that you have 4th of July inspired colored armpit hair? Tons of women are following the new beauty trend of growing out their armpit hair and dyeing it their favorite color. Some argue that Roxie Hunt, a hairstylist from Seattle, started the trend by dyeing a co–worker's armpits blue to match her hair. Hunt's blog post, "How To Dye Your Armpit Hair" has received over 37,000 shares. Who knows if it was Hunt's handiwork that ignited the armpit hair dyeing fire but it appears that coloring one's armpit hair has taken the world by storm.

Even celebrities are joining in. A while back, Lady Gaga rocked fake, dyed armpit hair and more recently, Miley Cyrus dyed her armpit hair a lovely shade of "Pank." You can even check out a timeline of the armpit dyeing trend, which shows us how this trend may have come to exist in the first place.

The Instagram hashtag #dyedpits is going strong (with 711 posts at the time of writing,) and contains a plethora of pictures of rainbow colored pits being proudly flaunted on women and men alike. So why not join the colored armpit hair revolution and celebrate Independence Day by dyeing your pits red, white, and blue? Here's some inspiration taken straight from Instagram to motivate you to celebrate freedom in all its forms.

1. The Bold, Bright Red Pits

This lady has bold red pits and is proudly showing them to the world. Rebecca Ford of "gypsylies" helped dye "mandwhiches'" armpit hair pillarbox red one evening. This is a bright look for any brave, patriotic folk out there.

2. The Color Co–ordinated Pits

If you're going to go for it why not do it in style like Evadestruction? She has color co–ordinated the shade of her hair to match her eyebrows and her armpit hair. What a woman!

3. Keeping It Natural

Jamesha has also dyed her armpits to match her hair, but IMO this shade is almost on the scale of "natural" hair colors, as it's a deep red color. Obviously armpit hair dyed to match the colors of the United States' flag are never going to look totally natural, but I think this shade comes close.

4. Muppet Fluff

Look how totally cute Laura's red armpit hair is! She says she's channelling her inner Muppet! Why the hell not?!

5. Match Your Lingerie

Do you have a favorite lingerie set that is constantly in the washing machine because you have to wear it at least once a week? Why not match your armpit hair to your favorite lingerie to show you're one stylish feminist? Better yet, match it to your 4th of July swimsuit to look patriotic pretty this year.

6. Blue Hair & Red Pits

Inject the whole 4th of July color spectrum into your style by rocking blue hair, red pits, and a white shirt. Extra points if your shirt is stripy.

7. The Yogic Blue Pits

Channel the color of your Throat Chakra with a spiritual blue hue like this inspiring yogi.

8. Half & Half

Stay right bang on trend with the half and half hair style but apply it to your pits, not just your head! Dye one pit red and one pit blue to achieve the trendiest pits around.

9. True Blue

Go blue (or red) with your partner or friend. Show a united front in support of freedom with your pair of color co–ordinated pits.

Images: gypsylies, thegradytwins, riotworthy, lauragean, gigidyhorseeggs, blesstvulva.jpg, hooping_to_zion, ladypithair,