The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 3 Cast Might Be Revealed & We Could Be In For An Interesting Time

There's nothing like a potential release of casting news to get my blood flowing in the morning, so imagine my delight when I saw that the cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 has hit the internet. We don't have official confirmation from ABC yet — Bustle has reached out, but ABC has yet to reveal the press release — but nine additional names have been reported exclusively by People as contestants in the third season of the spin-off, set to begin airing on Aug. 2. We already had two Paradisers revealed in very similar ways — Caila Quinn from Ben Higgins' season and Ben Zorn from Kaitlyn Bristowe's, who were named in now-deleted tweets by Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss — and now the embarrassment of potential riches continues.

Some of them will be familiar to you, like veterans Jared Haibon and Carly Waddell, whose relationships with Ashley Iaconetti and Kirk DeWindt both failed in spectacular fashion. Now to mention Season 1's Sarah Herron, who never got the romantic attention I felt she deserves. However, others will be strolling those BIP beaches for the very first time. If the stars align, we could see more alumni of Ben Higgins' season joining the already-announced Lace Morris. If all goes well, expect to see Jubilee Sharp, single mother Amanda Stanton (whose participation was already tentatively announced, but not confirmed), twins Emily and Hayley Ferguson, Leah Block, and first-night dismissal Izzy Goodkind added to the roster as well.

We're also reportedly waiting on some of the men from JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette to be added, although obviously that can't be announced until we, y'know, actually see them go home on the show. But even as is, we have a pretty dramatic cast lined up. So keep your fingers crossed that these whispers turn into a something a little more substantial, because, even with the names we've already heard, Paradise better hold onto its butt.

Images: ABC (2)