Nick Jonas Reveals What It Was Like Working On His New Film 'Careful What You Wish For' — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

If you've ever desired to see Nick Jonas as a movie star, you should be careful what you wish for, because the new musician is well on his way thanks to his starring role in the new film, Careful What You Wish For. See what I did there? In the movie, the musician portrays Doug, a young man working a summer vacation job in a ritzy resort town who has an affair with the wife (Isabel Lucas) of his neighbor (Dermot Mulroney), a dangerous investment banker. As their affair progresses, crazy stuff starts happening, and that's when the title of the film starts to make a lot of sense.

Jonas's ascension as an actor has been in the works for some time. He's had a number of high profile TV roles, including runs on Scream Queens and Kingdom, and starred opposite James Franco earlier this year in the drama Goat. But never before has Jonas been so front and center in a film; and surrounded by such talent. In addition to Mulroney, who has starred in such films as My Best Friend's Wedding and About Schmidt, the young actor also shares the screen with Goodfellas' Paul Sorvino, and he discusses the effect that working with such accomplished thespians had on his own performance in the exclusive clip below.

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"Working with Dermot and Paul has been amazing," Jonas says. "They've been great on set and really open about sharing their thoughts and views, and having two legends on set has been a real joy." Jonas also discloses an unorthodox way that he and Lucas were able to get into character before shooting. The two actors each made a playlist as their character, which they then gifted to each other. This allowed each of them to see where the other was at mentally, offering them a deeper understanding of the material. "Listening to it every day before I go to set, the mix she made me, kind of gave me an idea where her mind was at for her character," Jonas says.

It seems clear that Nick Jonas is going to continue to grow as an actor, and Careful What You Wish For shows the next step in his evolution. The film is currently in select theaters, and is available for purchase on iTunes and On Demand, having been released on June 10. And for those of you who are worried that Jonas is shifting his focus too much away from his music, fear not. His new album, Last Year Was Complicated, was released on the exact same day as the movie.

Images: Starz Digital