10 '90s Passions You'll Never Admit To Having

More than 15 years after the curtain closed on the '90s, we're still obsessed with the decade — and why wouldn't we be? Those years gave way to some of the most iconic music (Spice Girls!), technology (pagers!), and fashion (jelly shoes!) most of us have ever experienced — and that's barely scratching the surface. But while no one has a hard time admitting to loving Bonne Bell makeup and the Backstreet Boys (because duh), there are also those '90s passions you'll never admit to having. Don't lie — you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I'm not referring to JNCO jeans and wearing visors indoors. I'm not thinking of those times you wore suspenders even though they weren't really holding anything up. (Guilty as charged. They just looked really cute, OK?) I'm not talking about how you loved to organize your Beanie Babies in alphabetical order because for whatever reason, it made you feel good inside. We all did those things. Right? Didn't we? .... Guys?

Uh... anyway.

I'm taking about those really guilty pleasures — the ones you were always too embarrassed to tell your friends about and won't even speak of today. But I have no shame, so I'll take one for the team and say what we're all thinking. You're welcome.

1. Knowing All The Words To Michael Bolton's "Said I Loved You But I Lied"

MichaelBoltonVEVO on YouTube

The chest hair. The curly locks. The horses. The flames. The way he glides through the ocean. Oh. My. God.

2. Thinking Simba (Not Jonathan Taylor Thomas, But Simba, The Animated Lion) Was Hot


I might sound a little odd for referring to any animated character as hot, but there are plenty of legitimate reasons that Simba is sexy as all hell.

3. How Seriously You Took The Game Of M.A.S.H.

You used this to predict your future job, car, home, husband. And it was always 100 percent accurate, except... no.

4. And Book Fair Magazines

Not even the books — the magazines that told you about the books. You'll never tell anyone you sat on the toilet reading that thing for an hour carefully making a selection because your mom limited you to "just three."

5. Bedazzling Your Entire Wardrobe

Your friends at school thought you had one pair of bedazzled jeans for special occasions. In reality, you bedazzled everything, down to your visors and skorts.

6. The Movie Showgirls


One reviewer said, "Even the grossest porn is more cheerfully sexual than this movie," but haters gonna hate. You loved all the glitter, jewels, catfights, and awesome dance skillz.

7. Meticulously Organizing Your Caboodle

One day, your sister got her hands on your make-up and didn't put your cotton candy Lip Smacker back in the cotton candy Lip Smacker slot. Hell ensued.

8. Secretly Pretending You And Your BFFs Were The Spice Girls


You were Baby Spice. Obvs.

9. Using Your Harriet The Spy Kit Religiously

You knew your sleuthing skills would never be as good as hers, but dang it, you'd die trying.

10. Your Digital Pet's Well-Being


I can't clean my room right now, Mom. I HAVE TO FEED MY TAMAGOTCHI.

Images: Walt Disney; Giphy (4)