11 Things That Only Happen When You're The Bookworm Friend

Just like the Spice Girls, every real-life friend groups has their types, from the quiet and responsible one to the crazy part animal, and each kind of friend has their own experiences. But when you're the BFF known as the one with her nose constantly stuck in a book, then you understand the things that only happen when you're the bookworm friend. Don't worry, there is one in every group.

If you're the active friend in your social group, then people will probably ask you for running advice or suggestions for good local hikes. When you're the stylish BFF, your closet is the one friends turn to for the perfect first date outfit and special occasion dresses. Being the academic friend means you're the one to ask for tutoring help or grad school application advice. But if you're the bookworm friend? That's a whole other story entirely (yes, pun intended.)

Book-lovers make the best friends, and there's always at least one in every group. The bibliophile friend is the one who is always there with a good book recommendation, words of wisdom from famous writers, and an empathetic shoulder to cry on — it's what they're made for. And if you're the bookworm friend, then you're probably used to these 11 things happening to you. Don't worry, we've all been there.

1. Your friends always ask you for writing advice.


Whether it's for a graduation card inscription of a maid of honor speech, your friends are constantly turning to your bookish knowledge for writing help. They know you're always good for a famous quote or two, and your spelling and grammar are impeccable. You read so much, that by now, you know a thing or two about what good writing looks like. You learned from the best.

2. Everyone counts on you for book recommendations.

Since you're the most avid reader in the group, your friends will rely on you for book suggestions — not that you mind. You're more than happy to recommend new and exciting reads to all of your friends, because without you, they'd be lost at the library.

3. You feel like a freelance editor for your friends.


From resumes and cover letters to flirty texts and romantic emails, you get daily messages, texts, and emails from your friends asking for your expert editing advice. You're the one they trust their love letters and job applications with, because they understand you've developed an eagle eye for errors in all your years of excessive reading.

4. You have to sit in a different row at the movies.

Whenever you see a film adaptation of a book with your friends, they make you sit a few seats, if not a few rows, away from them. They know you won't be able to stop yourself from quoting certain lines, pointing out changes made, and analyzing the film as you watch. They love you, but they don't want to hear you talk over a movie for 120 minutes straight. Can you blame them?

5. Your friends rely on you for late night emergencies.


If your friends have a problem, they know who they can call into the wee hours of the morning: you. Since you're always up late reading, you'll always be awake and ready to lend a listening ear — once you're done with this last chapter.

6. Your friends describe your blind dates in bookish terms.

"She's more of a Beth than a Joe, but she's got a dark and mysterious side like Lisbeth Salander — you'll love her!" If a friend tries to set you up with someone, they use book characters to explain the person you're meeting. They know who your fictional crushes are, and they're always on the look out for your Mr. Darcy.

7. Friends fight over you on trivia night.


At the bar on trivia night, you're constantly torn between your friends, because everyone always wants you on their team. How do you choose? You might not know sports statistics or reality television stars, but you know author quotes, publication dates, and character trivia that no one else does. It's a lot of pressure, but someone has to do it.

8. You're expected to be late to everything.

You're not stuck in surgery or finishing up an important case, no, but you are always running late, and it's to be expected. Everyone who knows you knows that you have a hard time putting a book down and walking out the door. Your true friends know when you say, "I'll leave right after this chapter," that they shouldn't expect you for a few hours at least.

9. Your bookshelf is constantly being raided.


Think its rough when your friends are constantly borrowing your clothes and shoes? Try having them steal your favorite novels from your bookshelves. Not a visit goes by without someone swiping something from your TBR pile. Can you blame them? You do have impeccable taste.

10. If there's a lull in conversation, everyone turns to you.

Hanging with friends and suddenly run out of things to talk about? Everyone turns to you, because you always have something to talk about. Whether it's the plot of a new release or something you learned from your latest nonfiction read, you're full of great conversation starters.

11. You're the go-to for life advice.


Whether its on love, family, or some other part of life, your friends turn to you and your books for advice. Since you've lived a million lives through your reading experiences, you have more wisdom than any old friend. You know how the best romances stay together, how the strongest families fall apart, and the way friends stay friends forever, because you've seen it all play out in your books. If anyone has a serious life question, you're the one they turn to for advice, and luckily, you have plenty of help waiting for you on your bookshelf.

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