Does Everyone's Hair Get Lighter In The Summer?

Every year, when summer comes along, many folks appear to opt for lighter hair colors in lieu of darker locks. But, whatever your preference, you might be wondering if everyone's hair goes lighter in the summer. Stereotypically speaking, in the hair world, summer is associated with light hues, autumn with rich colors, and winter with dark shades. Although, it's also cool to go against the grain by picking an unseasonal shade, or by sticking to your favorite hair color all year round.

If you're a trend setter, rather than a fashion follower, you'd likely stand out from the crowd more if you were to rock a jet black, goth girl style shade or even a decadent red 'do. However, if you're a gal who likes to change her hair as often as her clothes, put your own take on a hair trend, or change your look with the seasons, you'll probably want to lighten your hair this summer. Besides, Lea Michele has gone lighter recently and Ariana Grande's dyed blonde hair has arrived just in time for summer too. IMO, there will be plenty more celebs to follow suit soon, because nothing gives your look an instant injection of summer than newly lightened locks.

You can always fake sun-kissed tresses in preparation for your summer vacation, but with summer already upon us, you'll have to act fast. Long gone are the days when we spritzed (or drowned) our manes with Sun-In Hair Lightener in the '90s; it's likely easier and faster to take a trip to your local salon and go blonder with professional help. Alternatively, Fellow Bustler Jessica Thomas discovered that you can lighten your hair without bleach or chemicals, by utilizing the natural lightening power of an array of ingredients including chamomile, cinnamon, and more.

But, what if you love your dark hair and you don't want to change it – will the sun make your hair lighter regardless of whether you want it to? The answer in short is: Yes, if you spend a lot of time outside in the sun, your hair will likely lighten no matter what shade you are. According to celeb colorist Aura Friedman, speaking to Teen Vogue about safely highlighting hair in the sun, "No matter what color your hair, the sun will fade it," she explained. "Think about how car paint fades in sunlight. The same thing happens with hair," Friedman continued.

Livestrong explained the science behind why the sun makes your hair lighter, "Most of the hair on your body is made up of dead cells. Only the root is living, and once the hair emerges from the skin, the cells die." Livestrong reported, "Unlike the skin, which can regenerate melanin after UV damage, your hair is dead and can no longer make melanin. Sunlight kills the melanin in your hair and fades out the color, making it lighter and lighter."

If you really don't want your hair to lighten this summer, you can use a number of precautionary methods to protect your hair from the sun, which could help your color stay intact. However, if you do fancy going a little lighter, you can harness the power of the sun along with some natural remedies to lighten your hair. As long as you take care of your locks, it's a win win situation!

Images: Léa Dubedout, Michael Fertig, Abo Ngalonkulu, Julia Caesar/Unsplash