11 Things You Never Noticed In ‘Finding Nemo’

Chances are, you've seen the movie Finding Nemo. In fact, you've probably seen it multiple times since its release in 2003. Maybe even dozens of times. And you've probably even watched it again recently in preparation for the release of its sequel Finding Dory on June 17. But despite your familiarity of the blockbuster film, one of Pixar's most successful critically, commercially, and culturally, I bet there are still some things you probably never noticed about Finding Nemo .

I'm sure you all believe that you're Finding Nemo experts, but Pixar's animators are notoriously sneaky and clever. For instance, did you notice that Toy Story villain Sid makes a cameo as an adult in Toy Story 3? Or that the code A113 shows up in every Pixar movie as a reference to the CalArts animation department where several of the studio's founders took classes? Or that Toy Story 2 contains an explicit A Bug's Life reference? Do you even remember that A Bug's Life is a thing that exists? Finding Nemo is no exception to these clever Easter eggs and sight gags, so check out these 11 things in Finding Nemo that you never noticed and relive the magic ahead of seeing Finding Dory.

1. A113

Might as well start with the most obvious. In this instance, the code shows up on an underwater camera.

2. Pizza Planet Truck

Like A113, the Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story also shows up in every Pixar film. It's seen here outside the dentist's office.

3. Buzz Lightyear Cameo

Hiding among the toys in the dentist's office is none other than Buzz himself.

4. Mr. Incredible Cameo

The boy in the waiting room at the dentist's office is reading a Mr. Incredible comic book — even though The Incredibles didn't come out until the following year.

5. Boo's Mobile From Monsters, Inc.

The dentist's office is a pretty happening place. In the exam room, the mobile hanging from the ceiling is identical to the one seen in Boo's bedroom.

6. Mike Wazowski Cameo

During the film's end credits, the Monsters, Inc. star can be seen swimming by.

7. Luigi Cameo

Cars wouldn't premiere for another three years, so this character's cameo just goes to show you how long these films take to produce.

8. Mermaid From Knick Knack Cameo

Not all cameos look to the future. The mermaid from this 1989 Pixar short pops up in — you guessed it — the dentist's office.

9. Turtle Flowers

The turtles shells all have different flowers on them, modeled after Hawaiian shirts.

10. Dentist Diplomas

Zooming in on the dentist diplomas on the wall in the office reveals some very silly accolades, like the "Gums Most Likely to Recede Award" and the "Toothless Grin Award."

11. Boat Names

The boats in Sydney Harbor are mostly named after members of Pixar staff, and one is named for the Pixar short For the Birds.

Unless you're exceptionally sharp-eyed, odds are that you never noticed most of these things hidden away in Finding Nemo. Hopefully Finding Dory is just as clever with placing its own hidden treasures!

Images: Walt Disney Pictures