The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Might Have Filmed Fake Scenes To Avoid Spoilers, So Does This Mean The Wedding Might Not Be Real?

Gilmore Girls fans, I’m going to need you to sit down, because Jackson Douglas recently conducted an interview in which he shared some major news about the revival. News that could be devastating to all the theorizing we’ve been doing over the last six months about the Gilmore Girls revival. Because, apparently, while we’ve all been over here coming up with endless explanations for what a prop labeled “Wedding” could mean and what a scene shot in a cemetery could imply, it turns out that the cast and crew may have been filming fake scenes to avoid any spoilers. At least that’s what Douglas said. And if this news is true, it could have big implications for everything that we thought we knew about the revival, including the biggest storyline of all: The wedding. Because if Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote a bunch of fake scenes to avoid leaks and spoilers, then it’s totally possible that the wedding might not be one of them.

I know, I know. Even putting those words out into the world makes me feel like such a bearer of bad news, but blame Douglas, who revealed exclusively to GilmoreNews that the Gilmore Girls revival shot a bunch of scenes that wouldn’t be used: “They shot red herring scenes. They shot stuff that isn’t going to make it, as a misdirect in case of leaks. Whole scenes or ending of scenes… there are very select people that know the whole story. I’m not one of those people!”


And with a huge cast of returning characters, crew members, and more actors than I can even count, it really is no wonder that so much effort had to be put in to keeping things about the revival under wraps. Still, thinking about what this means for the alleged wedding scene has been making my lower lip quiver.

Because the wedding and all of its attached questions — whose is it? how will a wedding impact a show about two independent women? how would it affect Lorelai and Rory’s future? — was about 95% of what I was looking forward to in the revival. The minute I heard the news that there was a prop labeled for a wedding scene spotted in the Warner Brothers Studio, I just about died and went to Gilmore Girls heaven. I personally spent days — weeks, maybe? — dreaming about all of the things that the wedding could mean for my favorite Stars Hollow citizens. But with this new news that fake scenes were shot for the revival, all of those dreams may be laid to waste.


But I have to say: I’m sort of relieved that this could be the case. Every time a new picture leaked from the revival or a script was sort of see through, I got secretly bummed that so many details were being revealed. Every time there was a new prop revealed or a comment made about a very important costume or pictures posted from what appeared to be large dance scene, I felt sort of cheated of the suspense I would have had without all of these spoilers.

But as duped as I feel thinking about the possibility that these all might be red herring scenes, as a viewer I’m sort of relieved that I’m more in the dark than ever when it comes to the Gilmore Girls revival. Nothing ruins a show more than a spoiler, and it sounds like some of the spoilers we may have been anticipating may have been nothing more than attempts to mislead us all along.

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