13 Morning Mantras That Can Make You Feel Amazing

Mornings don't always bring out the best in us, especially when it comes to having any sort of positive thoughts. Instead of waking up and saying or thinking something nice about ourselves, we often trudge to the mirror to berate our reflection, or mope around thinking about how horrible the workday might be. It can really set the tone for a gloomy, not-so-great day. So how about trying this instead — a positive morning mantra that will make you feel more attractive, happier, and more likely to look forward to the hours ahead. Wouldn't that be so much better?

I think yes, it would be better, mostly because that list pretty much sums up what everyone wants in the morning. We all want to feel happy (or even just slightly less cranky). We want to look forward to the day. And we went to spring out the door looking our best.

Don't get me wrong, however — I know life doesn't revolve around being attractive, in the physical sense. I'm talking about looking your best in a good-energy type of way. Because there is something so magnetic about a person who exudes confidence and good vibes, regardless of their puffy, tired eyes, or messy hair. And of course it just feels so much better to be positive. So give some of these morning mantras a try, and see how your day shakes out.

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1. "I will keep my mind open..."

One of the loveliest things you can do is give off positive energy. And there's no better way to do that than by keeping your mind open to new experiences. That's why this mantra, from Sirena Bernal on, may be just your thing: "I will keep my head and my heart open." Get that on repeat in your brain, and see what kind of wonderful things come your way.

2. "I am talented, helpful, and kind..."

Again, if you can help it, try not to focus on your pores, or your puffy eyes, when you first wake up. Instead, throw your physical appearance to the wind, and start focusing on some of your other positive attributes. "I often will encourage [my clients] to identify a gift or a talent they can use to help or encourage someone else that day," says Lauren Minchen, a nutritionist on GoodLooks, in an email to Bustle. "What are they good at? Who can they help today? Aiming to build a habit around a kind act every day can help take the focus off of our physical appearance and onto others around us. And this can actually be a really fulfilling and balancing habit that helps create a less anxious and discontent life." Sounds pretty good to me.

3. "I have chosen to be happy..."

The more you start boosting yourself up, the happier (and healthier) you'll become. So why not try this Voltaire quote, as suggested by Kate Bratskier on "I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."? That's some pretty good motivation to adopt a better attitude each day.

4. "I can conquer whatever I set my mind to today..."

If you're heading out to work, and need a boost of confidence, then try this mantra on for size: "I am fearless. I am strong. I can conquer whatever I set my mind to today," says Nicole Martinez, Psy.D., LCPC, in an email to Bustle. It feels great to be more confident, and it just so happens to be an attractive quality, too.

5. "I am excited about everything..."

You don't have to be over-the-top elated all day long, but there's no denying the magnetism of excited people. Think of your chipper best friend, who is seemingly gung-ho for every new experience. Or your coworker who's always stoked about new projects. Aren't they just the best? If you'd like to mirror their positive energy a bit, then try saying, "Today I am excited about everything," suggested Bratskier. It'll be impossible to feel anything but good.

6. "I will fake it 'til I make it..."

Even when you aren't feelin' it, you still have to get up, go to work, and go about your day. You can either do so miserably, and be all frown-y and surrounded by dark clouds. Or, you can do yourself a favor and fake it 'til you make it. "Practice half-smiling even when you aren't feeling it," says Kim Chronister, Psy.D., in an email to Bustle. "Studies show that half-smiling can lift your mood and make you more attractive to the opposite sex." Say your mantra, smile, and see if it doesn't help.

7. "I will appreciate myself..."

There's nothing cute about putting yourself down. Sure, it's funny to be a bit self-deprecating, but go on for too long and you may just start believing what you're saying. If that sounds familiar, then you need this mantra: "Today I will slow down and take the time to truly appreciate who I uniquely am," Martinez suggests. Saying this to yourself each morning will serve as a good reminder to keep a nicer, more positive tape playing in your head.

8. "I will fill myself with goodness..."

Taking care of yourself is a pretty darn attractive quality, as evidenced by all those glowing people at the gym, or the happy people in the park. But of course changing your habits can be difficult, especially if it means changing your unhealthy ways. If you need a little bit of motivation, try the following mantra from life coach Belinda Anderson on "My body is my vehicle in life; I choose to fill it with goodness." That means good thoughts, good food, good experiences, and good energy from the people around you.

9. "I am enough..."

One of the best ways to ruin your day, and give off a gloomy vibe, is to feel like you aren't good enough. If that's the case, I bet you spend your day constantly comparing yourself to others. Am I right? Then try saying, "My best is enough. I am enough. I am full of potential," suggests Martinez. It'll help you remember that you're awesome, just as you are.

10. "I can love myself..."

The thing to remember, as you stare into your groggy morning reflection, is that you don't have to like every single trait about yourself (physical or otherwise), in order to feel good. That's why this mantra is so great: "You don't have to like everything about yourself to love yourself," as suggested by pastoral counselor Tres Adames in an interview with Charlotte Anderson on It's a nice reminder to be a bit kinder to yourself, especially in the early hours of the day.

11. "I will let me, be me..."

If you wake up in the morning wishing you had someone else's life, now's the time to stop and appreciate yourself for who you are. Try saying, "I will let [your name] be [your name]," suggested Bernal. Hopefully it'll start you down the road to loving all your own, unique qualities.

12. "I will make room for what feels good..."

If you've been feeling the weight of a thousand worries on your shoulders, then it may be time to make a change. That change — whether it be a new job, new relationship, new town, etc. — can start by simply shifting your thought process. As for a mantra, Bratskier suggested, "Stop holding on to what hurts, and make room for what feels good." Repeat that over and over, and start moving in a new direction.

13. "I am more confident than ever... "

If your brain is full of negative thoughts, it's going to show. That's why filling your head with confidence can be a good place to start when it comes to being more attractive, even if it doesn't feel legit to begin with. Tell yourself things like "I am confident," "I love my body," or "I am desirable," suggests Chronister. Hopefully, it'll start to stick.

Because when it comes down to it, feeling and looking good isn't always about your outfit, or having the ability to successfully contour your face while dashing off to work. While those things are fun, truly good looks start from within. So start your day with some positive mantras, and see where the day takes you.

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