Ariel Winter Confirms She's Single With Help From A Kardashian

Do you ever hint at something, but then get fed up waiting for others to finally catch on? If so, Ariel Winter knows how you feel. The Modern Family star was sick of waiting for people to realize what was going on with her relationship status, so she went ahead and made things perfectly clear. On Saturday, Winter announced she's single and used a Kim Kardashian gif to do so. Winter tweeted, "When you're surprised that people just haven't gotten it yet..." along with a gif that read: "I'm like dropping hints that I'm single." First off, hilarious gif choice. Second of all, props to her for being straightforward and funny about it. It's the best possible way to lighten the mood surrounding a breakup.

As fans may remember, the 18-year-old dated Laurent Claude Gaudette on-and-off since 2013. They've had plenty of adorable moments, including going to her prom. Still, he hasn't appeared on her Instagram lately, so it makes sense that he's quite literally out of the picture. I guess people didn't realize, so she had to intervene with some flawless gif usage. Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands — especially when people miss multiple hints. As People pointed out, Winter posted a Beyoncé meme six months ago about single ladies. The caption hinted she had undergone a breakup, since she wrote, "Start of a new week, start of a new chapter #dancinglikebeyoncemood." Oops! How did no one get the reference?

For the record, this tweet isn't the first time that Winter showed she's a fan of the Kardashians. Remember the reality star's nude selfie controversy? When everyone was shaming Kardashian for posting that selfie, Winter was in her corner and posted tweets defending her. In return, Kim K sent her flowers in the mail, along with a note about the power of women supporting other women. In many ways, Kardashian and Winter are alike. They both are unapologetic about self-love and posting photos of their bodies. Despite criticism they receive, they embrace it — and honestly, that's a pretty rad message to spread. So it makes sense that Winter would be a fan of Kim and use her gif to announce her relationship news.

Props to Winter for owning her status as a single lady and making jokes in the process. There's nothing wrong with not being in a relationship and her tweets are a perfect reminder of that message.