11 Beautiful Water Color Tattoos

The tattoo industry is incredibly innovative and artists are always creating new trends and techniques. One such tattoo trend, hot on the horizon, is amazing watercolor tattoos that give new meaning to the term "body art." Watercolor tattoos are exquisite and as the name suggests, they are based on watercolor paintings. However, that's not to say you have to stick to having a famous piece of art inked on your skin – although, that's a rad idea if you fancy that – you can literally get anything transformed into a watercolor tattoo.

Of course, you'll likely want to locate an awesome tattoo artist that specializes in watercolor tattoos, or ask your local parlor who among their staff has experience of inking these creative pieces. Watercolor tatts aren't just your average ink; the artist makes it appear that you've been splattered with paint, which I imagine is tricky to pull off. To create this look, it appears that artists copy watercolor techniques such as blending, so that their finished work looks like they've painted watercolors directly onto your skin.

Watercolor tattoos are breathtakingly beautiful, so if you want to get a contemporary tattoo with a nod towards fine art, here are some masterpieces to provide you with some inkspiration.

1. The Cheshire Cat

I'm sure many ink fans would love to fall down the rabbit hole, let alone go under the needle for this whimsical Cheshire Cat themed tattoo.

2. The Unicorn Tattoo

Just when you thought watercolor tattoos couldn't get anymore magical, this enchanting unicorn tattoo was created.

3. The Adorable Elephant

People who love elephants are bound to fall for this darling little fellow.

4. The Pokémon Ink

Nostalgia and art collide in the form of this awesome Pokémon tattoo!

5. The Stunning Skull

A fox skull tattoo is anything but morbid when surrounded by flowers and colorful watercolor style ink.

6. The Harry Potter Tattoo

What could be better than a Harry Potter themed tattoo? Once, I would have swiftly answered, "Nothing!" But, now I've seen this cool ink, I'd have to say this design elevates the Harry Potter element to another level.

7. The Decorated Sternum

Colorful paintbrush style strokes add a vibrant element to this elegant sternum design.

8. The Dragon Design

The fiery watercolor strokes in this dragon inspired tattoo lend it a wonderfully realistic feel. I'm sure even the Mother of Dragons would lust after this ink!

9. The Red Rose

If you're looking for something gorgeously feminine, this decadent watercolor style rose will likely have you swooning. This pretty design was inked by tattoo artist Alex Bovenzi of Divine Chaos Tattoo in Rochester, NY.

10. The Pulse

A simple pulse design comes to life with a splash of watercolor inspired ink!

11. The Feather

This ethereal, watercolor feather tattoo is truly heaven sent.

At the very least, these tattoos will make artsy folks want to get their paintbrushes out, but chances are, you might be inspired to book yourself in for a watercolor tattoo ASAP!

Image: tatfranklin/Instagram