11 Unicorn Tattoos That'll Add Magic To Your Life

Over the past few years, the humble unicorn has risen through the ranks of mythological creatures to become a pop culture favorite. If you're head over hooves for these magical equines, you might want to think about getting a beautiful unicorn tattoo. It seems that everywhere I look, unicorns are sprouting up, rainbow horns first. They've always been a hot topic for the fantasy genre, with movies and TV shows featuring unicorns frequently. Plus, they've made many appearances in books, video games, and more. But now they've made their way into ink.

Maybe it was the My Little Pony reboot, Adventure Time's recurring character Lady Rainicorn (yeah, technically she's not a unicorn but whatevs), or the finding of the "Siberian Unicorn" fossil that catapulted unicorns into the top spot of most popular legendary beast. Whatever the reason, they seem to be here to stay and I for one could not be happier. Sorry mermaids, you've lost your throne.

IMO, unicorns symbolize the magic in everyday life that you might find if you look hard enough. They also make a nostalgic nod to our childhoods and offer hope that maybe there is real magic in the world. So if you're obsessed with unicorns and you're looking for some inkspiration, here are some enchanting unicorn tattoos that might just leave you spellbound.

1. The Zombie Unicorn

Alternative girls will love this zombified unicorn that is equal parts creepy and cute.

2. The Girly Unicorn

This super girly unicorn tattoo features many feminine elements, from a long-lashed unicorn, to a rose, and even a bra.

3. The Graphic Unicorn

If you fancy something a little less sparkly, a minimal style unicorn could be the way to go.

4. The Dotty Unicorn

A dotty, mandala tattoo featuring a candy-colored unicorn is a great juxtaposition of styles if you can't choose just one. Just beware of striking cultural appreciation rather than appropriation.

5. The Adorable Unicorn

Could there exist anything sweeter than this tiny unicorn with huge eyes and a rainbow mane?

6. The Watercolor Unicorn

Artsy folks are sure to become enamored with this watercolor-inspired unicorn tattoo.

7. The Skeletal Unicorn

When your nostalgic interests include My Little Pony and The Nightmare Before Christmas , you just gotta' go with a skeleton unicorn tat.

8. The Chubby Unicorn

Just like people, unicorns come in all shapes and sizes, so rock a plus size magical pony to show your body positive attitude to the world.

9. The Floral Unicorn

A tattoo featuring a rad unicorn emerging from some pretty pink flowers? Ink me now!

10. The "Born This Way" Unicorn

Unicorns are unique, special creatures and so are you. So celebrate what makes you incredible with a "Born This Way" unicorn tat.

11. The Crystallized Unicorn

Go all-out fantasy with a unicorn rocking a crystal horn for some mega magical vibes.

No matter your taste, there's a unique unicorn to fit your personal style. So start leaving rainbows in your wake with some stunning unicorn ink.

Image: Courtesy ben_whiteraven/Instagram (1)