Who Will Be The Villain On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Leah Could Easily Oust Chad For The Title

Can everybody get in here for a second? I need to talk to you about something. You may think the answer is obvious, but I have to pose the question nonetheless: who will be the villain on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3? You may have assumed Chad Johnson is the obvious answer, and hey, that was my first thought too, but what if there's a dark horse on that beach who snatches the title right away from him? I'm talking about Leah Block. Leah was on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, and you probably remember her either as the girl with the inexplicable black eye, or the girl who almost got in the way of Ben and his now-fiancée Lauren Bushnell working out. Up until either of those moments, you could be forgiven for allowing Leah to fade into the background of your consciousness, but for me, her meddling in Ben and Lauren's relationship really put her on my radar as a potential villain.

Just to refresh your memory, this all went down in Week 6, when the 25-year-old event planner from Colorado was feeling unsure about her connection with Ben. She saw his relationships with other women proceeding faster than hers, so she decided to do something about it, and straight up made up a rumor about Lauren. She told Ben that the girl he was falling in love with was different in the house than she was around him, which understandably really shook him. As she'd been intending it to do — she admitted as much in her own interview. And then when the rest of the women were trying to figure out who had said something to Ben, Lauren flat out lied about it, right to their faces! It was such a baffling move, because obviously everything you're doing is on film, so you know your involvement is going to come out sooner rather than later. But Leah never really seemed to care how she came off, which is exactly the kind of attitude I need to see from someone who's gonna give Chad a run for his money for that villain edit.

I feel like Leah has never been there to make friends, and she's unapologetic about it in a way that lets me know I should keep a close eye on her this season. Paradise never brings out the best in people, so let's all sleep with one eye open! Even you, Chad.

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