What The ‘BB18’ House Décor Can Tell Us About How This Season Is Going To Go Down

One of my favorite things to do every summer is watch Big Brother. And one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of every season of Big Brother is analyze the house’s décor for clues about what each season brings. Most people probably don’t even notice it. Blinded by the neon colors and bold patterns, most viewers probably try to focus on the players and what is happening between them. But if you look closely, the Big Brother house décor can tell us a lot about how the season is going to play out. And when it comes to Season 18, some of the summer’s biggest themes and secrets are hiding in the house’s décor.

Take a closer look at the way the house is decorated, and you’ll notice a very obvious trend: Travel. With cars lining the walls, a “DEPARTURES” sign over the Big Brother TV, and airplane wallpaper featured in some of the rooms, it’s clear that all things that go are this summer’s theme. So what does that mean for how the season will play out?

Well, we’ve already seen travel come up in a number of challenges. The BB Road Kill challenge, for instance, was all about roadtripping while at the same time stripping down to next to nothing in the fastest time. The initial HoH challenges were travel-themed as well, with houseguests clinging desperately to rockets and trying not to upset the desert islands on which they stood. It’s clear that getting away is definitely the name of the game.

And it’s really no surprise, since Big Brother announced that the theme of this summer is “Summer Vacation.” So what will this theme and all of its associated décor mean for future gameplay? For one thing, we can all expect more travel-themed challenges. But the twists that stem from this could be even more exciting. Last season, for example, houseguests were allowed to leave the house for a night out in public while in disguise. For a season all about travel, will they push the envelope and let houseguests out of the house? Will there be some ultimate Big Brother road trip or travel that has never been done before?

It’s a little unlikely since the show is shot live and the logistics of keeping a cast hidden out in the light of day would be challenging, but you never can tell with Big Brother.

You know what they say: Expect the unexpected.

Image: CBS (3)