11 Sternum Tattoos That’ll Get Your Heart Racing

The tattoo industry is arguably one of the most creative sectors on the planet. Tattoo artists and lovers of ink are always dreaming up new trends and making different placements popular, like stunning sternum tattoos. FYI, the sternum is another name for the breast bone, but sternum tattoos (on women) usually start between the breasts and swoop underneath them, following the natural curves of one's cleavage.

In recent years, cool knuckle tattoos have made a comeback and they're often given a feminine twist that contrasts with the macho "love/hate" knuckle tats of the past. Hands, in general, are a trendy place to get inked, considering cute finger tattoos have proven a hit with celebs like Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, and more. But it appears that sternum tattoos are in vogue now, too, and it's easy to see why.

Because of the position of sternum tattoos on women and feminine people, they are simple to hide if you want to cover them up. Sternum tattoos can be intimately feminine designs as well. Even if you're a proponent of freeing the nipple, it's unlikely that you'll be whipping your top off for everyone to see. Not only are they intimate, easy to hide, and feminine, but sternum tattoos can also be intricately beautiful and breathtaking. So if you're thinking of going under the needle, here's some stunning inkspo to check out before you visit the parlor.

1. The Beautiful Bee

A darling bee tattoo on your sternum looks beautiful and would be a great choice for folks who support the plight of the bee.

2. The Floral Piece

A pretty, floral sternum tattoo has got to be one of the most feminine tats you could go for. This lovely design is by tattoo artist Vanessa Dong.

3. The Message In A Bottle

This heartfelt message in a bottle design is nautical whimsy at its best.

4. The Stunning Sunset Moth

This deliriously beautiful sunset moth design was tattooed by artist Ruby Anne of Gypsy Tattoo and Tarot in Cobourg, Ontario.

5. The Geometric Design

A gorgeous, geometric, monochrome tat looks rad with the addition of a scarlet shade.

6. The Legend Of Zelda-Themed Tattoo

Weave your hobbies and interests into your sternum tattoo like this The Legend Of Zelda lover did. This nostalgic design was created by Shiva Sharma who works out of Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

7. The Simple Sunflower

At first glance, this ink portrays a pretty design. But when you look closer, you can see that the elaborate details actually form a section of a sunflower.

8. The Game Of Thrones Reference

Hardcore GoT fans are sure to recognize "cripples, bastards, and broken things" as a reference to the name of an episode in Season 1.

9. The Stingray

A stingray sternum tattoo makes for a quirky yet graceful choice.

10. The Mystical Hands

A host of different elements — from planets to hands to flowers — combine perfectly to create this whimsical tattoo.

11. The Delightful Dragonfly

Nature lovers will surely find that this enchanting dragonfly design makes their hearts flutter.

Whether you want to show yours off this summer with your bikini, flaunt it in the bedroom with some pretty lingerie, or even just keep it your little secret, these stunning sternum tattoos are sure to give you a burst of inkredible inspiration.

Image: Courtesy sarathepowerful/Instagram (1)