This Personality Trait Makes You An Ideal One-Night Stand Partner

If someone has ever called you a narcissist, maybe you should consider yourself lucky. According to a new study when it comes to speed dating, these are some winning qualities. While you may not be long-term material for some, when it comes to one-night stand material, being a narcissist really plays in your favor. So there!

Often known as the “dark triad,” narcissism, manipulation, and psychopathy are usually regarded as some pretty nasty traits. However, these people are also, according to the study, more desirable during speed dating parties. After having 90 people, between the ages of 18 and 32, fill out questionnaires regarding their personalities, the researchers examined 691 “speed” dates. What they found was that when it came to having a one-night stand, those with dark personalities were far more alluring.

Both men and women who exhibited such cold, and self-involved behavior were seen as ideal for the short-term, as in casual sex or a one-night stand, but not so much for the long term — at least this was the case for men. Women, on the other hand with dark triad traits, actually had a higher chance of finding both a short-term and long-term relationship.

Although the researchers say there’s still more to be studied on the topic, it does go to show that what people look for when it comes to long-term and short-term partners, is very different. Here are five things people want in casual sex partners.

1. Good Looks

As the study found, those who were considered the most attractive in the group were regarded as ideal candidates for a one-night stand. It was also found that these good looks, at in least in regards to women, often went hand-in-hand with narcissism, making a beautiful, narcissistic woman the person everyone wants to take home for the night.

2. Awesome Hygiene

According to a 2016 study about deal-breakers for short-term and long-term relationships, amongst those things that will kill a short-term fling are poor hygiene and smelling bad. When it comes to keeping it casual, people want you to smell delicious, which shouldn’t be hard if you’re a narcissist. Or maybe it is hard, because you think you can do no wrong, so why shower or brush your teeth?

3. Great In Bed

The same 2016 study about deal-breakers also found that when it comes to casual sex, people are looking for someone who’s good in bed, because of course. If you’re entire relationship with someone is built upon sex, then having good to great (to amazing) sex is definitely going to be a major selling point and a must.

4. To Feel Desired

A 2008 study found that what heterosexual men and women want in a one-night stand is fairly different. For women, they want to feel attractive and flattered, which they do when a man proposes they, well, have the sex, as I like to call it. For them, it’s about feeling desired more than anything else. However, the same study found that in many one-night stand cases, men lower their standards simply so they can get laid, so that flattery women feel is more of a fantasy.

5. Thicker Penises

Although we often say “size doesn’t matter,” according to a small 2014 study by UCLA, when it comes to casual sex, size totally matters. The study had 41 heterosexual women view and hold penises of different sizes, and what it found was that although length stayed the same for both short or long-term relationships, when it came to the short-term, girth was all the rage.

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