7 Times You Fell In Love With Cedric Diggory

I'm sure there are some people out there who are in love with Harry Potter, or who have always been crushing on Ron Weasley, but let's be real: when it comes to the dateability of Hogwarts boys, there is only one real option. And that's Cedric Diggory. So just in case you've forgotten that you're madly in love with Cedric Diggory, here are a few times you fell head over heels for him.

Look, I understand that everyone's real Hogwarts crush is Hermione Granger. Obviously she's the top choice. But if we're talking wizard boys, it's Cedric by a long shot. With Dean Thomas and maybe Viktor Krum as respectable runners-up. I know some people prefer Sirius or Neville or even Malfoy (which... I mean have you read the books?). But if you're in the market for a clean, handsome jock who's going to be polite to your mother, there's only Cedric. He's just?? Too perfect?? A Hufflepuff dreamboat who plays fair and manages to pull off dress robes? He's the total package. And he's dead, so we get to be even sadder about the fact that we can never actually date him.

So here are a few times you realized that Cedric Diggory was a perfect cinnamon bun too good for this world:

1. When Cedric offered to re-do a Quidditch match because he’s amazing

Remember this?? Cedric was the captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team and the seeker (because of course he was). So they're all playing Quidditch, and Harry flips out over dementors and faints, and Cedric catches the snitch instead. But then perfect goober Cedric Diggory wants to re-do the match, because he feels like it wasn't fair. Even though he won. And then he congratulates Harry on getting a new broom because he's just?? so?? lovely??

2. When Cedric and Cho were the cutest couple ever

Look at these GOONS. Ship Harry and Cho all you want, or hate on Cho for being a normal, emotional teenage girl, but you've got to admit that she and Cedric were a power couple. Their beauty was blinding, at least. And they were definitely one of those couples who held hands constantly and shared desserts and took a lot of selfies (or whatever the wizard equivalent of selfies is). And he rescued her from that lake like the good and considerate boyfriend he was.

3. When Cedric made Hufflepuff proud

Poor Hufflepuffs. They work the hardest, but they're always being overshadowed by the other, louder houses. Innocent angel Cedric Diggory exemplified everything good about house Hufflepuff, though: hard working, loyal, generous, adorable, and perfect son-in-law material. Plus he was a total babe. And pretty brave. And a good finder. And after he's named Triwizard champion, the other Hufflepuffs are so proud of him, even though Harry's kind of stealing his spotlight.

4. When Cedric was against the “Potter Stinks” badges

Kind and gracious Cedric Diggory was all about fair play. He might have been a little miffed when Harry was first named as a fourth champion, but he got over himself pretty quickly and made it clear that he was not OK with all the "Potter Stinks" paraphernalia. He even asks his friends not to wear the badges because Cedric Diggory is anti-bullying!!!! He wants everyone to play nice and get along!!

5. When Cedric transfigured a rock into a Labrador

Sweet, simple Cedric. He was no dummy, but... he did try to fight a dragon by turning a rock into a Labrador during the Triwizard Tournament. Like.... Harry warned Cedric about the dragons. Cedric had a little time to prepare to fight a dragon. And the plan he came up with was to turn a rock into a Labrador. Maybe the most adorable plan ever? And it kind of even worked? But then Cedric got roasted by the dragon anyway. Poor Cedric. He tried.

6. When Cedric helped Harry figure out the golden egg clue

Naturally, Cedric "Fair Play" Diggory has to return the favor after Harry warns him about the dragons. So he tries to tell Harry to put the golden egg underwater, to help him figure out the Second Task. But lovely Cedric is incredibly awkward about it, because Cedric is good at many things but subtlety is not one of them. We forgive him, though, because he was just trying to Do the Right Thing.

7. When Cedric tried to let Harry win the Triwizard tournament

After Harry saves his life in the maze, noble Cedric tries to let him win the whole tournament. But Harry just *has* to be the martyr and drag Cedric to the Triwizard Cup with him. Which means that Cedric winds up dead. But even after his own death, Cedric is still trying to help. His semi-ghost shadow-self helps Harry defeat Voldemort in the graveyard. And then he asks Harry to take his body back to his parents. Because even when he's dead, Cedric is mostly thinking about other people. Rest in peace, Cedric. We were all madly in love with you.

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