Here's All The #MondayMotivation You Need

Mondays. Are. The. Worst. It is a fact known by all to be true. But a new study has shown that two things make Mondays slightly better: Music, and coffee. Not everybody likes music and coffee, though (I mean, you guys are weirdos, but that's OK), so let's talk about alternative Monday motivators to get you going in the morning. Because Mondays are the worst. That's the thesis of this article. And anything that makes Mondays just a tiny bit better is worth it in my book.

Ipsos, a market media research company, recently partnered with Spotify to conduct a survey throughout the United States, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, and France about the driving forces between #MondayMotivation. Researchers found that 64 percent of respondents had little to no motivation on Mondays. To, like, function as humans. This is understandable, because... well, do I really have to say it again?

The five-day, Monday-through-Friday work week has been around since the turn of the 20th century (a mill in New England began closing so both its Jewish and Christian workers could observe the Sabbath), and since then, the practice has been adopted throughout much of the Western world — even though it's been shown that four-day work weeks are good for us. So the next time that you're grumpy, and groggy, and desperately wishing you could burrow back under the covers, just remember that you are in good company. A whoooole lot of people are feeling the exact same way. If you do not want to feel that way, because feeling that way is awful....

Here is how.

1. Coffee

The Spotify/Ipsos study found coffee to be the top motivator for the Monday grumps, with 46 percent reporting that it helped boost their moods. Why? Well, coffee smells and tastes amazing, and caffeine gives you energy, but the underlying reason is probably because coffee has been shown to boost dopamine levels in your brain. Dopamine — the stuff that makes you happy.

2. Music

Music came in second the poll, amping up 44 percent of respondents. Additionally, according to a study by the University of Missouri, listening to upbeat music on a regular basis has the ability to improve or reinforce your mood, with long-term effects.

3. Working Out

We all know that working out has many, many benefits — so many that I won't list them, because that would take an awful lot of time and energy. (Guess who has been seriously dropping the ball, gym-wise? Ha, it's the person with no energy — it's me.) But 28 percent of people surveyed noted that the thought of sweating and panting first thing in the morning really jazzed them up.

4. Sex

Ah, another sweating and panting activity (ayyyyyyyyyy).

5. Eating Actual Food For Breakfast

If you, like me, wake up starving, then the thought of getting to eat actual food for breakfast is honestly a great way to ensure I'm up and awake and semi-functioning. Worried about your cooking ability? Check this list of easy and healthy and good-tasting breakfasts. Still unsure? I don't know, dude. Maybe consider dating someone who's good at cooking and is also a morning person?

6. The Opportunity To Discuss Your Sunday Night Television Lineup

I mean... Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Bob's Burgers, Last Man on Earth, Outlander — what else are we supposed to talk about, huh?

7. Watching The Sun Rise

Sounds hokey; is actually a really chill, really relaxing, really centering way to begin your day.

8. Listening To Your Favorite Podcast

I once knew a dude who couldn't stand listening to music first thing in the morning. Nope, he was 100 percent an NPR Morning Edition guy. Now with the ~rise of podcasts~, you can listen to all kinds of humans doing talking into your ear buds. Check this list (and also go look up Another Round — it's my favorite podcast of all time and makes even my seemingly endless bus commute a true delight).

9. Indulging In A Fabulous Morning Self-Care Routine

You know that phenomenon when you're sick, so to compensate and try to trick yourself into feeling better, you wear your best outfit? That's how I feel every Monday, but with my skincare and makeup routine. Eyeliner on point, highlight on point, lips on point, my entire day is on point.

10. The Knowledge That Today Is The Day You Will Vanquish Your Enemies

Valar Morghulis, am I right?

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