Iggy Azalea Claims Nick Young Cheated Amid Rumors That He's Expecting A Child With His Ex

When it comes to relationships, Iggy Azalea has had a pretty difficult year, and that's putting it mildly. Earlier this month, Azalea ended her engagement with Nick Young months after a video leaked of the NBA player in which he claimed he cheated on her, and now, more cheating allegations have surfaced, this time straight from Azalea. In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Azalea claimed Young cheated on her multiple times on Twitter, and as you can probably imagine, she doesn't sound happy.

When Azalea first announced that she and Young were splitting up after a year of being engaged, she said that she couldn't move past his alleged infidelity. But now, it sounds like there could be more to the story. On Wednesday, Life & Style claimed that Young and his ex, Keonna Green, are allegedly expecting a baby, and while that report has yet to be confirmed, it seems to have propelled Azalea to open up about their relationship. And it sounds like this reported pregnancy had nothing to do with it, because Azalea claims she didn't find out until she saw the reports online herself.

Bustle has reached out to Young's rep for comment on Azalea's claims and on the report that he is expecting a child with Green, but has not yet heard back.

That's a lot to absorb, and I'm not even involved in the situation. So according to Azalea, not only did she have to tackle that leaked video, but she also claims she saw for herself that Young was bringing other women to the house they shared? There's no universe in which that's not heartbreaking if it's true.

However, Azalea has been pretty willing to comment on the situation from the time of the video's leak, from the time she said she would take "a quarter of his meat" if she caught him making another mistake, right up until she decided she was done talking about it a month later because she felt it was taking away from her ability to properly promote her music. And when they broke things off, she shared an Instagram post that explained a little bit about their breakup:

Young has yet to comment on Azalea's most recent tweets, but when the video first leaked, he told reporters at a press event: