You Can Now Get Kylie Liquid Lipsticks Separately

If you're a lover of Lip Kits, then listen up. Kylie Cosmetics is switching things up a bit when it comes to how they sell their products. Not only can you still buy the lipwear sets together, but you can now get a few lip liners and liquid lipsticks separately. That means you can restock when your select product get low. How much do the single liquid lipsticks sell for? They're a little pricier than you might think.

In my opinion, the logical thing for Jenner to do would be to make each lip liner and lipstick $15, but she's got a different tactic. While each liner is $14, it looks like the liquid lipsticks are worth a little more in her book. You can get a single Mary Jo K or Candy K for $17. Granted that is still a heck of a lot cheaper than a lot of makeup companies out there, but it's not super inexpensive.

You're actually still better off buying a whole new set though if you're looking to save. Each Lip Kit is $29, while buying the items separately puts you up to $31. There are still tons of different ways you could play it though. The products are designed to work the best together, but I hear the liners are just as good on their own.

Mary Jo K Liquid Lipstick, $17,

The liquid lipsticks were launched alone for the very first time during what Jenner named her biggest restock ever. Although there are supposedly mass quantities being stocked up for Fourth of July weekend, you probably shouldn't wait too long to make your purchase.

It makes complete sense that this would be the next logical step to expanding her makeup empire. Lip Kits are great together, but odds are you're going to run out of one before you do the other. She teased that she will be expanding her cosmetics in July, so this is the perfect first step.

Candy K Liquid Lipstick, $17,

You might not ever know what Jenner is going to do next, but one thing's for sure — she always has her fans in mind.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics