This ‘BiP’ Pair Needs To Get Engaged

It’s almost time for the best show of the summer. Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 premieres on Aug. 2 and I for one, am counting down the days. I’m ready to pop open my rosé and watch all the drama go down, especially now that The Bachelorette's Chad Johnson has confirmed he’ll be on BiP. Producer Mike Fleiss recently revealed on Twitter that there would be “multiple engagements” on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, so it’s time to start making guesses about who we think will end up together. Personally, I believe that if the two of them decide to go on the show, Carly and Wells need to be one of the engaged couples at the end of the summer.

After JoJo sent Wells packing on the first date, he revealed to Bustle that he's still looking for the one. "I am single since staying off the show," Wells said. "It's a bit overwhelming, everything that's happening — I kind of just wanted to focus back in on my career and just kind of like decompress. It's a very intense situation and takes a little bit out of you." That makes perfect sense, but the call of Bachelor in Paradise is strong, and so maybe Wells chose to return for another round at love. And perhaps Carly will return to BiP as well, and if both of them are on the show, maybe they'll fall for each other. Here's why I think that Wells and Carly, if they're on BiP together, should give love a chance.

They Both Live In Nashville

There’s no need for Carly and Wells to change their lives in order to be together, because they both hail from Nashville. If they were on BiP together, it would be super easy for them to continue dating after the show ended and see how things go.

They Both Love Music

Wells is a radio DJ and Carly is a singer. They are both passionate about music, which means that probably have a lot in common. Like I said, they’re perfect for each other.

They’re Both Adorable

I just feel like they'd look good together. They'd totally be one of those adorable couples we’re all jealous of.

Carly Hinted She Might Be Feelin’ It

“Why are there so many hotties from Nashville and I've never met them???????!!!!!” Carly tweeted on May 23, noting via hashtag that it was about The Bachelorette. I have a feeling this was a sub-tweet to Wells, and I’m totally stoked about it.

They May Already Have A Connection

Reality Steve got a tip in May (along with a photo) of Carly and Wells together at a Paul Simon concert. There's no way to know if it was a date or just friends hanging out, but it could mean that the duo are definitely going to give things a chance in paradise, if they go on the show.

Their Kids Would Be Gifted

A DJ and a singer getting together could lead to some very musically inclined children.

They Both Genuinely Seem To Be Looking For Someone

There are those who go on Bachelor shows looking for fame, and those who seem like they actually want to meet someone. Both Carly and Wells seem like they genuinely want to be on their respective shows to meet a person they could potentially spend the rest of their lives with.

Let's hope that the duo do decide to go on BiP and end up happily ever after.

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