Siggy Flicker Praises 'RHONJ' Season 7

The last time the Real Housewives of New Jersey aired new episodes was in 2014. Now, it's 2016 and a new season, fresh episodes, familiar faces (with a few unfamiliar ones), and more drama is on its way — and it's about time. Apparently, the upcoming season, which premieres Sunday, July 10, is going to top every other season, according to newcomer Siggy Flicker. While talking all things New Jersey with Bustle over the phone, Flicker promises RHONJ Season 7 is the best one yet. "I haven't watched many past seasons, but I can guarantee to you that this will be the highest-rated season," she promises.

So, what makes Season 7 better than the rest? It doesn't seem possible that you can beat the Season 1 table flip by Teresa Guidice. However, the 49-year-old relationship expert does credit Guidice for creating another thrilling season. "I can guarantee this will be the best season and it's a lot of anticipation because of Teresa Giudice," Flicker says. "So, people who have been following her and her children and her family, to watch a woman actually leave her family for 11 months and go behind bars — and I know she gets a lot of slack for it — she did the time, she came back out, she's stronger than ever."

In December 2015, Giudice was released from prison after serving almost 12 months for fraud, including bankruptcy fraud and failing to file income tax returns. Her husband, Joe Giudice, is now currently his own 41-month sentence. It's been all over the media, so Flicker is right in saying that there are a lot of people will probably tune into this season of RHONJ purely for Giudice. And based on the trailer, the mother-of-four's return home is going to be an emotional one that viewers will certainly discuss.

"This season shows, as opposed to a lot of drama, this season has a mixture of heart, soul," Flicker says. "You're gonna cry, you're gonna laugh, and you're gonna really relate to all the women and what they're going through in their lives."

She also has nothing but positive words for this season and her co-stars. "It was beautiful to be part of this," Flicker says. "I think that Teresa and Jacqueline [Laurita] and Melissa [Gorga], they killed it this season." The author also praises the state of New Jersey as a whole, showing how much her home means to her.

"I think this season has everything that everybody ever wanted from Jersey. It brings Jersey pride back. I want to focus on the positive, because all the other franchises get so much attention, but they're not Jersey and they never, ever will be. It's not that I'm starting a war and am starting a fight, it's just that I'm passionate about the state of New Jersey."

Flicker is truly proud of RHONJ and her season. She raves, "I just think it's going to be the most amazing season and just an amazing show." What more reason do you need to tune in?

Image: Greg Endries/Bravo