What Has 'PLL's Jenna Been Up To?

by Kaitlin Reilly

The seventh, and potentially final, season of Pretty Little Liars is one of homecomings. According to reports, long-absence characters like Noel, Jason, and even Paige will be making an appearance during the show's Uber A hunt, and it wouldn't be Pretty Little Liars if these characters didn't come with some serious secrets in tow. While we can't wait to see what the heck Noel has been up to since he went MIA, the first return of Season 7 proves to be the most mysterious. Jenna is returning to Pretty Little Liars in the July 12 episode "Hit And Run, Run, Run" and she's definitely stirring up some trouble. Given that we haven't seen Jenna since Season 5's "How The A Stole Christmas," we have to wonder — what has Jenna been up to during the five-year time jump?

Right now, what Jenna has been up to during the Liars' college years is a bit of a mystery — perhaps for good reason. Jenna has always been one of the most elusive and shady characters on the series, so it's hardly surprising to learn that she's hiding her past. However, that doesn't mean that she hasn't crossed paths with the Liars after they all graduated from Rosewood High School. According to actress Tammin Sursok's interview with Cosmopolitan, the Liars did encounter Jenna sometime during the five-year time jump. She said:

"The girls haven't seen Jenna in a year and a half, so it's kind of a big surprise. She's definitely involved in a lot of exciting, tantalizing things that the viewers want answers for."

Hmm... could something have happened a year and a half ago between Jenna and the Liars that caused her to return to Rosewood? It would certainly make sense, given Sursok's comment to Teen Vogue about why Jenna is coming back to town:

"You do get a lot of answers, but you also get a lot of questions. But you’ll definitely find out what’s been happening, and she is heavily, heavily, heavily involved with the Liars in the upcoming storyline... You see throughout the other seasons how the girls have actually affected her and her life, and how she was the victim for a long time. In Season 7, it’s payback. … She now has a sense of herself. She’s done. She knows herself, and it’s time to fight for who she is."

What could have happened during the five-year time jump that made Jenna so eager for payback? Perhaps it has to do with that videotape of Jenna bribing Toby into having a sexual relationship with her. Though we assumed that the tape was kept safe after the Liars left Rosewood, that might not be the case — especially if Charlotte was involved. We know that Charlotte and Jenna did not have a friendly relationship (see: the time Charlotte tried to drown Jenna) and I wouldn't be surprised if a vengeful Charlotte wanted to do one final A move before resigning herself to Welby. After all, if Mona was afraid of her secrets getting out while Charlotte was in the mental institution, Jenna was likely even more worried about her own bad behavior being made public.

Of course, there's always the chance that Jenna has been spending the past five years plotting revenge against the Liars for their role in her losing her eyesight. After all, if there's one person who has a reason to hate the Liars, it's Jenna — and Season 7 might be the time when Jenna finally delivers her revenge plot.

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