Are KathleenLights X ColourPop Products Sold Separately? You'll Want To Collect It All

This duo has a history of dropping incredible collaborations, and they’re fifth go at this is sure to be no different. Even though you’re probably going want everything this collection has to offer, it might be helpful to know if the KathleenLights X ColourPop products are sold separately. The good news is, you’ll be able to shop as much or as little of this collection as you’d like.

KathleenLights confirmed each of the products will be sold individually via Twitter. So, whether you’re hoping to grab the Mr. Bing eye liner or the November lippie, you’ll have a chance to shop one or the other — or both! Considering the colors in the collection pair so well together, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to cop each and every product, but maybe that’s just me (although, I seriously doubt it).

This collab will include an eye liner and pot along with three satin lippies. The liquid lipsticks are rose-y, mauve-type shades and will create subtle summer makeup, and the deep brown eye liner will perfectly complete any beauty look. Since each piece will be sold separately, you’re going to have to act quickly to ensure you get everything that you want added to your cart. ColourPop is known for shutting down the Internet so, be advised. Their most recent collaboration drops July 12. Clear your schedule because you’re going to need to be available as soon as they go online!

Whether you want to buy the entire range or no, you'll need to be speedy to complete your purchase.

These shades are must-haves, for sure.

A warm brown liner will make any eye color look extra amazing.

Get a load of these swatches. So good, aren't they?

KathleenLights expertly demonstrates how perfect a rose lip really is. It's just enough color without being over the top, you know?

If you didn't want to purchase everything in this collection before, I bet you do now!

Image: kathleenlights/Instagram (1)