Check Out 'Bach's James Taylor On Instagram

After coming close to being eliminated during the June 27 episode of The Bachelorette , James Taylor is still in the running. However, since I doubt that he's going to make it much further in the quest to win JoJo's heart, fans have James Taylor's Instagram account to turn to for more info on the musical suitor. For you James fans out there, don't be upset that I don't think he's going to end up in JoJo's final four — He posts often on his social media account about the show and his music, so not only will you learn new things about the songwriter through his Instagram, but you'll be able to keep up with him even after he inevitably leaves the show.

The perennial "nice guy" of JoJo's season (just ignore that time he weirdly called out Jordan about a poker game), James keeps that positive energy going through his social media. While most of his Instagram is promoting his musical career — I mean, he's gotta compete with the other James Taylor — he also talks about his family and other matters close to him, as well as sharing a few ridiculous Snapchat videos.

How he is portrayed on The Bachelorette is very much in line with how his persona comes across on his Instagram account. So here are some highlights from James' Instagram account — you might learn a thing or two about him, but none of it will probably be that surprising.

1. He Just Turned 30

James showed off his flipping skills in honor of his 30th birthday a month ago, so he's now officially five years older than JoJo.

2. And He Really Likes Jumping Around Water

If that birthday flip didn't do it for you, watch him jumping over the width of a pool in slo-mo. I bet he's wishing he had more dates involving water sports with JoJo so he could have showed off his moves.

3. Seriously, He Excels At Water Sports

Check him out on the jet ski! Just saying, if his name was Jordan, he would have been given a date on the water versus a swing dance date.

4. He's Friends With Wells

Ah, the two sweetest guys on The Bachelorette are still buddies after the show with James using the hashtag #besties.

5. And Also Nick B.

He hung out with Nick Benvenutti and his family a little over a month ago at a crawfish boil, like the good Southern boy he is.

6. He Has Crashed A Bachelorette Viewing Party

While some of the Bach guys do this digitally, James came face-to-face with his screaming fan base.

7. He Really Likes Playing Music

Just kidding about this revealing anything new since he has made it abundantly clear that his guitar goes everywhere with him on The Bachelorette.

8. He's Close With His Grandparents

This may be even less surprising than the fact that he loves being a musician considering that James is exactly the type of guy you'd expect to be close to his grandparents.

9. And His Parents

Because what good Southern boy would he be if he didn't bond with his mom and dad? Plus, check out his good genes since his mom looks ageless.

10. He'll Play The JoJo Song Upon Request

At a live concert he was playing, someone requested the song he made up about JoJo that he played for all the guys around the pool and he willingly obliged.

11. He Covers Justin Bieber With A Twist

He posted a video of him practicing "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber for a gig, but the above video shows he changed the lyrics for Bach Nation to "Chad Yourself" — unsurprisingly, the crowd appeared to love it. Aw, anyone else missing the villain that was Chad right about now? (Sorry, James.)

12. He's Touring

James is using the momentum from the show to understandably land more performances, so he has been touring outside of Georgia at bars and small venues.

13. He's Recording Music That Will Be Released On iTunes

If you don't live anywhere near where James plays live shows, then you're in luck since he recorded his first song ever and will be releasing it on iTunes (though I don't see it out yet). I'm thinking his Bachelorette fame might have something to do with his newfound musical success.

14. He's Playing Shows With Luke

Although Luke doesn't show off his guitar skills on The Bachelorette, he's also a musician and so the two men have been joining forces to perform together occasionally in a dream for Bach Nation country music fans.

15. He's Moving to Nashville

This Texas boy has been in Atlanta, but based on this caption from a show with Luke, he'll be moving to Nashville, Tennessee presumably for his musical career.

16. He's Religious

He managed to combine a comment about Sunday worship with watching The Bachelorette in this Instagram post. He clearly also worships JoJo.

17. He's On Snapchat

His username is jimbonator89 and he used Snapchat to challenge another Bachelorette guy — Vinny — to see who could make the funniest video.

Whether James gets sent home by JoJo sooner rather than later, take comfort knowing that he's always only a click away, thanks to his Instagram account.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC