The 'Ghostbusters' End-Credits Song Is Your Girl Power Summer Jam

The fun of Ghostbusters doesn't stop when the credits start rolling. Though some might be disappointed to hear that Ray Parker Jr's original "Ghostbusters" theme will not be playing over the end-credits, the original track that does might make up for it. Instead of going back to the beloved original theme, or playing the controversial new "Ghostbusters" cover from Fall Out Boy, the Ghostbusters reboot decided to end the film with an original song by Elle King, the badass chick behind last year's massive hit "Ex's & Oh's." The Ghostbusters end-credits song "Good Girls" is the perfect girl power summer jam, and will probably inspire some of you to get out there and bust some ghosts.

King co-wrote the track with Dave Bassett, and "Good Girls" is available only on the official Ghostbusters soundtrack. That album, which will be released on July 15, also features original songs from G-Eazy and 5 Seconds of Summer, but none of the other songs bring the girl power quite like King's "Good Girls." "I do what the good girls don't / I do what the good girls should never ever, never ever do," King sings on the track. Hey, everyone should break a few rules now and then in order to do some ghostbustin'.

ElleKingVEVO on YouTube

"Good Girls" is the perfect Ghostbusters end-credits song because it sounds completely different from "Ghostbusters" — the two tracks have very few, if any, commonalities, which is only a good thing. Yes, "Ghostbusters" is a classic for a reason, but if this all-female Ghostbusters reboot is going to make a name for itself on its own, it needs a new theme, one that isn't a questionable remake of an old classic (sorry FOB, but you know what you did). " Because "Good Girls" is so musically opposite from "Ghostbusters," it eliminates any possibility of comparison, something the Ghostbusters reboot is going to suffer form enough as it is.

FallOutBoyVEVO on YouTube

Curiously, "Good Girls" hasn't received a whole lot of promotion. King hasn't even tweeted about the track, and there doesn't appear to be a music video in the works. Still, hopefully the song will get its due once the movie actually hits theaters on Friday.

Images: Columbia Pictures