Who Will Make It To The 'Bachelorette' Finale?

by Marenah Dobin

Things are starting to wind down on The Bachelorette and I cannot help wondering how things are going to end up with JoJo Fletcher and whoever she ends up picking. By "whoever she ends up picking," I assume that will be Jordan Rodgers, since she has been favoring him the entire time just like Ben Higgins did with Lauren Bushnell on his season. So, I would be completely shocked if he wasn't there for the finale. That just leaves me to try to narrow down who else will be in the final two at the end of The Bachelorette .

It's hard to make a guess about who else could be a contender for the final two because there really isn't anyone else who is standing out. The only way I can figure this out (aka make a guess that may or may not be right based only on what we've seen) is to just go with a process of elimination approach and go through who couldn't possibly join Jordan in the final two until there is one person left standing.

Before I get to the rest of the dudes, let's just go through why it's pretty blatant that Jordan is going to make it far in this game. She literally sent someone (Chad) home who trash talked Jordan. She pays more attention to him than everyone else and everyone is beyond jealous of their chemistry. Everyone with eyes can see that JoJo has a thing for Jordan no matter how shady his past might be. So let's just give Jordan a pass to the finals and jump into figuring out who else could join him.


Alex is a nice guy and he definitely served his purpose (being the catalyst for JoJo dumping Chad), but there is just no romantic chemistry between he and JoJo. I can tell that they're both fond of each other, but it is just way too forced. Plus, in the preview that includes clips from the finale episode, it shows JoJo talking to two people who are taller than she is, so that means Alex definitely doesn't get to that point in the season.


James is someone who I really want JoJo to be into, but i just don't feel the heat. I feel like JoJo wants to fall for James since he is such a genuine person, who can also play guitar, but it's just not there with the two of them. I think she sees him as more of a friend.


Once again, Luke is another person that I think JoJo should pick, but she just isn't going to. There is some chemistry between these two and Luke is the total package, but I don't feel like Luke stands out in a group setting with these bad boy types that JoJo is so drawn to. He's just not doing enough when these two aren't in a set one-on-one setting.


I don't know about you, but I was a little bit shocked when JoJo went for Chase over Derek during that awkward two-on-one date. Derek was pouring his heart out to JoJo and she basically coached Chase into saying that he kind of has feelings for her. She also said that she felt like she had stronger feelings for Chase than he did for her, which shows that she isn't super secure about their connection. She is probably not going to take someone who doesn't express his emotions (and mumbles a lot) to the finals.


So, this leaves Robby as the last man standing next to (presumed) finalist Jordan Rodgers. Robby and JoJo have some fire between them and he knows how to carve out one-on-one time in a group setting so he can stand out. We also know that Robby was accused of having a girlfriend while filming the show (which he denied), so maybe he is the one in the preview who JoJo says did something that "wasn't right" to her in the finale preview. On the plus side for Robby, he was the first one to tell JoJo that he loved her on the show which might be enough to convince her that he is worth keeping around.

It would make sense for Robby and Jordan to make it to the final rose ceremony. They're both athletes who have red hot chemistry with JoJo. They both have questionable pasts with exes. They even have a similar look. My money is on a Jordan versus Robby finale.

Images: Craig Sjodin (5), Donald Rager (1)/ABC