Friends In Real Life Vs. Friends In 'Harry Potter'

When it comes to bookish best friends, it's hard to beat the Golden Trio — Harry, Hermione, and Ron. They're the kind of pals who spend summer vacations together, help one another study, act as each other's shoulders to cry on, but they even wage wars against evil wizards side by side, and that's the difference between friends in real life versus friends in Harry Potter.

In your real life, the best kinds of friends are your partners in crime, your sounding boards and your reality checks, the ones who are there for you no matter what. But in Harry Potter, friendship means way more than that. Being besties means battling beasties together in Harry Potter's world. It means having each other's backs and, occasionally, having each other's faces, too. Instead of skipping school to go to the mall together, Harry and his friends cut class so they have time to band together and create a magical army dedicated to protecting the school, each other, and the rest of the wizarding world. Real-life friendships are priceless, but nothing can compare to the closeness, dedication, and loyalty of Harry and his friends.

Your girl gang may give T-Swift's squad a run for their money, but here are 9 differences friends in real life versus friends in Harry Potter. Friendship doesn't get better than this.

1. In real life, you and your best friends get caught drinking your parents beer.

When you were young, wild, and free, you and your best friends got in trouble for stealing your parent's beer or watering down their alcohol. You and your besties were just trying to let lose and party, as young, irresponsible teenagers do.

In Harry Potter, you get caught chugging Polyjuice Potion in the bathroom.

Harry, Ron, and Hermoine didn't concern themselves with getting a buzz on. They were too busy trying to solve mysteries, rescue their classmates, and saving the entire wizarding world from dark threats to learn how to play beer pong. Occasionally (okay, most of the time), that good work did require breaking the rules, like stealing ingredients to make Polyjuice Potion. Hey, it's not shotgunning beers together, but really, is there that much of a difference.

2. In real life, you and your friends steal your mom's minivan to go to the mall.

You're bored and likely stuck in suburban hell, so you and your pals probably tried to take a joy ride on more than one occasion. A minivan trip to the mall sure beats a bike ride in your neighborhood any day.

In Harry Potter, you and your bestie steal a flying car to get to school on time.

Unlike your mom's minivan, the one with the "My Dog Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student" sticker on it, Harry Potter and friends travel in style when they steal their parents cars. And, to top it off, they don't use it to skip school, but rather to make sure they make it to school. Weird, right?

3. In real life, you and your friends always borrow each other's clothes.

If you have a date, an interview, or a special occasion, you know you can count on your friend's closet to get you dressed. You're always swapping clothes, shoes, and accessories, because that's what friends are for.

In Harry Potter, you occasionally share each other's faces.

There's no length these friends won't go to in order to protect each other, and the rest of the wizarding world, even if it means sharing each other's looks by way of Polyjuice Potion. Friends just don't have cuter sweaters than you — sometimes, they even have cuter faces.

4. In real life, you post a #tbt shot in honor of you're bestie's birthday.

You love sharing throwback pictures of you and your friends. You've know each other for so long, there's no end to silly or sweet photos of you together. There aren't enough Thursdays in the world to share them all.

In Harry Potter, you actually go back in time for your friends.

Sharing a memory is nice and all, but the crew in Harry Potter actually go back in time . Sure, they don't do it to change embarrassing haircuts or warn each other about bad dates to come, but saving lives is a pretty valid excuse to travel back in time with your BFF.

5. In real life, you don't mind cat sitting for your friend for the weekend.

While your BFF is traveling, they know they can trust you to watch their pets and keep them alive until you return. If you're really close, they might even trust you with their succulent garden.

In Harry Potter, you don't mind becoming the guardian for your friend's kid if something bad happens to them.

Forget whether or not the cat had enough water, because in Harry Potter's world, being friends means stepping in when your friends are gone. Whether you're doing it from a jail cell far away or a house down the road, the friends in Harry Potter have not just each other's backs, but each other's families, too.

6. In real life, you and your friends live and die by the pinkie promise.

Whether its a promise about what outfit looks best or staying best friends forever, it doesn't count unless there's a pinkie involved.

In Harry Potter, you actually die if you break your Unbreakable Vow.

That's serious commitment.

7. In real life, your friends might name your signature beer pong move after you.

Your friends know you so well and appreciate your skills, so they might name your sick backhanded toss you always use to win beer pong after you. If your less coordinated, or frankly less put together, they might name a move like falling asleep in the middle of a party after you, too. It's the thought that counts.

In Harry Potter, your friends name their kids after you.

Albus Severus Potter. Lily Luna. James Sirius. Need I go on?

8. In real life, you and your BFF might get matching tattoos.

It could be a favorite quote, a small symbol, or a simple image that represents friendship to you, but chances are, if you and your BFF are both inked, you're probably inked together. Best friend bracelets are so 90s. You're not really friends unless you have the tattoo to prove it.

In Harry Potter, you and your best friends get magical tattoos together.

Maybe "friends" isn't the right word to use for the group of dedicated Death Eaters who all sported the same tattoo, but there's no denying they were close, and not just because of the magic that bound them together. Okay, maybe because of that.

9. In real life, you and your friends stick up for each other to bullies.

No one messes with your girl gang, because you all have each other's backs. Whether it was on the playground as a young child, online in high school, or at the bar now, you never let the haters get to your friends. You're all too good for that.

In Harry Potter, you and your friends stick up to mountain trolls.

In the world of Harry Potter, there are a million ways to be there for your friends — standing up to Malfoy and other mean bullies, helping one another get through OWLs, giving romantic advice — but nothing tops risking your life to protect theirs. If a mountain troll is loose, you're there, no questions asked.