All The Times Kylie Jenner Has Defended Her Kits

Kylie Jenner's lip kits have gotten more than their fair share of media attention. From the numerous restocks to the launches of new shades, their headline making power is incredible, but it's not all sunshine and roses. These three times Kylie Jenner has defended her lip kits prove that not only is the Kylie Cosmetics gracefully able to handle anything throw at her, but she's also one hell of a proud parent when it comes to her brand. From criticisms about applicators to poor ratings, she's been through the ringer with these lip kits, but she's come out on top every time.

Being a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, the youngest sister is no stranger to controversy. Whether its her relationship with on-again off-again beau Tyga or the previous brouhaha over whether or not she had gotten lip injections, Jenner is accustomed to being in the headlines. When it comes to her business, though, Jenner doesn't shy away from speaking publicly. Instead, she addresses things head-on, leavings fan continually impressed by her business acumen.

Sure, it may seem a bit like pandering to the celebrity, but her ability to openly defend her products and address concerns isn't impressive because she's Kylie Jenner. It's impressive because she's still technically a teenager, running a company who sells out their products on the regular.

So what has Jenner had to face since the start of Kylie Cosmetics, but these three times Kylie Jenner has defended her lip kits prove she's a true cosmetics pro.

1. When She Changed Her Packaging

During the heyday of deliveries from Kylie Cosmetics, a few bad apples spoiled the bunch. Fans and customers began to criticize the boxes' signature black and white dripping paint look believing the recognizable look was leading to incidents of their Kylie Cosmetics deliveries being stolen. While many would overlook this issue as personal and not related to the business itself, Jenner took it upon herself to change the packaging to reduce the number of thefts. Basically, she took a big step to right a wrong in a totally cool way.

2. When She Sent New Glosses

Jenner's controversy didn't stop with the packaging, though. When her glosses originally were sent to fans, their was quite a bit of uproar. After superstar YouTuber and cosmetics creator Jeffree Star unboxed the glosses on his Snapchat to reveal faulty wands, Jenner didn't take the criticism laying down. Instead, she addressed the issues head-on and sent out brand new glosses to everyone who purchased the original set. Talk about customer service!

3. When She Addressed The BBB Rating

Most recently, Jenner's business received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, but Jenner, who is "tired of people coming of her business" not only spoke out about the rating but also contacted the Better Business Bureau and had the rating changed to "No rating" so that the score more accurately reflected consumers who had yet to hear back regarding complaints.

Kylie Cosmetics is only growing and with success comes more haters, but rest assured — Jenner has got her baby's back and will defend her lip kits, glosses, and future products 100 percent of the time.