Bronte Wants A Woman To Win 'Big Brother 18' & Her Big Picture Outlook Is Inspiring

In the first major blindside of the season, some people were shocked to see Bronte get evicted from Big Brother 18 when all week the plan had been to target Tiffany. Even though Bronte's Spy Girl alliance member Bridgette was Head of Household, Bronte ended up the first victim of the BB Roadkill twist thanks to a plan gone awry. Bronte tells Bustle that if she could do it all again, "I would not be as trustful as I was before." Trusting Frank ended up leading to Bronte's eviction, as he learned he didn't have nearly as much of an influence on the house as he thought he did. However, Bronte herself probably wouldn't have kept Frank around long if she stayed in the house as she had a mission larger than winning the game herself. Even though she's out of the house, Bronte wants to see a woman win Big Brother. "I think it’s extremely important [for the game] to not always be dominated by men," she says.

The past four seasons of BB have been won by men, despite having some incredibly strong female players in the game. In BB17, poker player and master manipulator, Vanessa seemed poised to win the season before losing a crucial HoH and being evicted. While Bronte is out of the house now, she still has plenty of friends inside she will likely be rooting for, including her close friend Natalie who received a shout-out in Bronte's exit interview with Julie Chen.

Bronte's mission that she started with the Spy Girls, which is also being carried out by the Fatal Five alliance, is to show that women can win BB without the help of any man. "People need to see that women can work together and carve their own path," she says. It's almost tragic in a way that her downfall came because she did decide to trust a man who has had problems with other women in the house. Bronte addresses Frank's behavior in the house saying, "I feel that he genuinely upset several females in the house, but it was my understanding that he apologized."

Bronte seems to have no ill will towards anyone still in the house, but is wary of those who could end up taking power away from her fellow Spy Girls. "Although I do think that right now that Paulie has a big shot in winning the game, I hope that Natalie and Bridgette can stick together and make it to the end. Go Spy Girls," Bronte says.

Paulie, ironically, is one of the few people in the 8-pack who voted to keep Bronte and evict Tiffany. If Bronte manages to win the Battle Back, perhaps aligning with Paulie may not be a bad idea to get further into the game.

Bronte's time in the house was short-lived, but her ladies-first mission has spread throughout the house, with many people hoping to target Frank and ensure his elimination. There are only five men left and seven women left, and you don't need to be as good at math as Bronte to know that those are some pretty good odds. "I would hope [a woman wins the game this year]," says Bronte, and if the house continues to move forward with its plan to evict men in power, there's a good chance that a woman winning BB18 is a reality. You can follow this season's ladies with an all new episode of Big Brother, Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

Images: Johnny Vy (2)/CBS, Giphy