A 'Lights Out' Sequel Could Be The Start Of The Next Big Horror Franchise

A couple of years ago, I came across a video on the internet that remains the scariest thing I've ever watched. I'm talking straight up, goosebumps-causing, nightmare-inducing horror. It was a two-and-half minute short film called Lights Out, and the amount of dread and unease it was able to conjure in that short runtime blew me away. Now, Lights Out has been turned into a feature length film, and I'm betting it's going to be a horror movie for the ages. So if the film does as well as I'm expecting it to, does that mean Lights Out will get a sequel?

The creator of the short film, and the director of Lights Out , is David F. Sandberg. The movie is his first feature, so if a sequel is going to happen then he'll need to prove himself on the big stage. Luckily, that doesn't seem like it will be a problem, since Lights Out is currently sitting at 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Granted, there are only 13 reviews so far, but horror movies rarely are this critically acclaimed.

Then there's the financial aspect — always a factor in determining whether or not a movie will earn a sequel. The film's budget is a minuscule $5 million. The last original horror movie to open in a wide release was The Shallows last month, and it earned over $16 million in its opening weekend alone. So I think it's safe to say that Lights Out will probably turn a profit. The third factor to consider is whether or not Sandberg wants to produce a sequel. Here's what he told Bloody Disgusting at the L.A. Film Festival premiere when he was asked about a sequel: "There’s just so much fun to have with the concept. You could do 10 more movies. So many possibilities for gags with different light sources." So not just one sequel, but potentially ten more. It's safe to say that Sandberg has not tired of his idea for the film.

Whether or not Lights Out gets a sequel remains to be seen, but there definitely looks like there's some potential. In the meantime, check out these other short horror films Sandberg has created (all of which star his wife, Lotta Losten), which could offer further inspiration for future films.

Closet Space

ponysmasher on YouTube

Who needs a walk-in closet when your closet is a portal to another dimension?

Attic Panic

ponysmasher on YouTube

This is why I don't have an attic.

Cam Closer

ponysmasher on YouTube

Punny title, terrifying premise.


ponysmasher on YouTube

*Removes all paintings from apartment.*


ponysmasher on YouTube

This might be the creepiest short since Lights Out. I'm never opening a chest again.

Hopefully a sequel to Lights Out is produced. But if not, fans still likely have plenty more horror to look forward to from Sandberg.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures