This 'Pretty Little Liars' Wren Spoiler Could Speak Volumes About Season 7

Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars has been nothing short of spectacular so far. From Aria and Ezra getting back together to Caleb and Spencer finally breaking up to the Liars "accidentally" murdering and burying the evil Dr. Rollins, the writers are pulling out all of the stops to make the final season of the show all kinds of exciting. As the series moves towards some semblance of a conclusion, Pretty Little Liars fan theories are everywhere — especially when it comes to characters we haven't seen in a while. And one such person who has been missing for far too long is the one time love of Spencer Hastings, Wren Kingston. So, could this new Pretty Little Liars Wren spoiler give us a clue about where he's been?

In a photo tweeted by actor Huw James Collins (who portrayed the twisted Dr. Rollins), it looks as though Wren could be making a comeback to Pretty Little Liars very soon. The photo's caption is certainly cryptic, saying only "Long lost something... @JulianM #PLL" followed by a purple devil face emoji (which is presumably very important). Does this mean that Dr. Rollins and Wren know each other? Could they be brothers? Or are their matching British accents a clue that they knew each other back in England? I have so many questions right now.

While many fan theories point to Wren and Dr. Rollins being brothers, there are lots of reasons the pair might be together. For instance, the fact that Wren is a doctor, and Dr. Rollins has been posing as a doctor might mean that the pair knew each other previously. Perhaps Wren helped Dr. Rollins pretend to be a medical professional, or they could have attended med school together, but maybe Dr. Rollins never finished the course. It seems like too much of a coincidence that both characters are British, and are doctors, or at least pretend to be. This spoiler seems to hint at a connection, which has to be important in the Pretty Little Liars universe.

But the most important part of this Wren spoiler is that Julian Morris has clearly been on the Pretty Little Liars set quite recently. Could this mean we'll get to see Wren again in the first half of Season 7? I'm certainly feeling helpful after seeing this photo. Whether he's Uber A or not, it's time that Wren Kingston came back to Rosewood.

Image: Freeform; ABC Family