13 Early Signs Seth & Summer Were Endgame On 'The O.C.'

Seth and Summer. Summer and Seth. Any way you slice it, there was never a pairing that made more sense in the world of The O.C. — and by extension, the world of TV in the aughts. The pairing was music to any O.C. fan's ears — even back when the two were but a nascent couple. Because, though Seth and Summer had their ups (kissing booth) and downs (Seth's escape to Portland during Season 2), it was always clear that they were destined to be together, right from the beginning. They might not have known it, but we all certainly did.

Seth Cohen was Ryan Atwood's trusty — albeit quirky, different, weird, and whatever other kind of monikers you want to assign to him — sidekick. But the sweet, sensitive, and socially awkward fast-talker was instantly too likable to stay in such a subsidiary role. Cohen — as Summer would eventually call him — became the quiet hero of The O.C., and the quiet hero of any show needs someone just as interesting to call their equal. Enter: Summer Roberts. The popular girl character was seemingly Seth's polar opposite, but that's sort of what made them work. They were like magnets: Opposite, and completely magnetic to one another. Lucky for us, the magic between the two was evident from the first scene they shared together — and if you were paying any attention at all, you'd see that all the early signs were there. Summer and Seth were always endgame. Here's why:

1. They Look Like They Were Made For One Another


Not in a creepy way. Just in a "oh, here's two very good looking brunette people" kind of way. Like puzzle pieces.

2. Their Characteristics Balanced Each Other Out


Where Seth was weak, Summer was strong, and vice versa. The perfect yin and yang situation.

3. They Loved Each Other's Flaws


Summer thought Seth was awkward (true), and Seth thought Summer was a princess (also kind of true), but they both embraced those things about each other pretty quickly.

4. Because Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle


If those two plastic horse figurines weren't meant to be together, I don't know what true love looks like at all.

5. They Were Good At Communicating


I mean, for the most part, and especially, for being teenagers.

6. Because Summer Dressed Up As Seth's Favorite Comic Book Character


Definite early sign that Summer was the one.

7. They Always Ended Up Back Together


No one — not a Zack or an Anna — could keep these two apart.

8. THIS:

Andra Copot on YouTube

Destiny. Actual destiny.

9. Because Seth Remembered Summer's Sixth Grade Poem

dboardracer on YouTube

OK, she didn't write it, but still — the sentiment's sweet. You don't just remember the poems of any old crush, you remember the poems of your soulmate.

10. They Knew How To Kiss Upside Down Without Rehearsing It



11. They Were Never Going To Just Be Friends



12. Because They Always Knew That Wouldn't Be Enough


Not for these two, not ever.

13. They Were Just Meant To Be Together And Everyone Knew


These are just facts, OK?

As if anyone ever needed more convincing, Seth and Summer 4eva (and always). Beginning 'til end.

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