Tinder Isn't Just For Dating Anymore

ICYMI, now you can group date via Tinder with Tinder Social. Yep, you can create a group of friends and then match with another group of friends. Tinder Social groups can be co-ed, too, so if you think one of your guy friends would make a better wingman than one of your female friends, or vice-versa, that works also.

“When swiping on Tinder Social, at least one person in the recommended groups you see will meet your discovery preferences,” a Tinder spokesperson tells Bustle. “You can invite any of your friends (regardless of their gender/discovery preferences) who have opted into Tinder Social to join your group.”

And if you’re already in a relationship and no longer on Tinder? You and your partner can go back on and find others to hang with. In-te-rest-ing, right? “If you and all your other friends are single, then maybe you’re looking to meet other single people,” a Tinder spokesperson says. “But you can use Tinder Social on its own even if you’re not single.”

Then, once you match with another group, you all chat, just like a group text, to make plans.

“We’ve always been about connecting people,” a Tinder spokesperson says. “Dating is one part of your social life; going out with your friends is another. Tinder Social is another great way to get out tonight and connect with other people going out — with the same network, the same power and the same scalability that Tinder brought to dating.”

Speaking of “scalability that Tinder brought to dating,” it’s no joke — over 11 billion matches have been made through the app, and over 50 million people use it in 196 countries worldwide. So, with the addition of Tinder Social, no doubt those numbers will increase more so.

Curious about the app’s new feature? Here are seven things to know about Tinder Social:

1. You Can Turn Tinder Social On And Off Anytime

As a Tinder user, you get to decide if you want to “unlock” Tinder Social or not. So, some days (or moments), you can just focus on dating. Others, you can focus on Tinder Social.

2. You Can Choose An Activity For Your Group, Too

As I mentioned earlier, your groups don’t have to be same-sex ones. So, choose 1 to 3 friends, males and/or females, and then choose a suggested activity, like “Happy Hour, anyone?” Then, just like when you’re in dating mode on the app, you’ll match with other groups (or not).

3. It’s Not Just For Group Dates

Tinder Social is not just for group dates, but also for group friend outings. I know, Tinder for friends?! My boyfriend and I both used to be on Tinder and recently relocated, so we’re going to go back on the app to try Tinder Social. Why not? After all, he and I met through dating apps (Bumble and Happn), so why not meet new friends through an app?

4. You Can Only Belong To ONE Group At A Time

If being only in one group at a time worries you, have no fear — your group will expire by noon the next day (in the timezone of the group’s creator), so you have plenty of opps to create and join other groups.

5. It Could Be Perfect For Last-Minute Plans

Are you suddenly free tonight? Just hit up Tinder Social and create a group. You’re bound to find others who want to go out tonight, too.

6. It Takes The Pressure Off One-On-One Dates

Online and app dating can be frustrating and nerve-wracking, to say the least, but a lot of the pressure’s removed when you go out in a group setting. And it could be a win-win — either make new friends or meet someone who turns out to be more. By having your friends (i.e., “group”) with you, too, they’ll be a natural safety net to cushion any awkward falls (literally and figuratively).

7. You Can Unmatch With A Group

Let’s say you’ve matched with a group, but then aren’t into them (you know the feeling). No prob. You can unmatch. Easy.

For an additional 411 on Tinder Social, you can watch a trailer for it here.

Images: Fotolia; Tinder; Giphy