McDonalds Gave Kim K A Surprising Stylish Gift

It's no surprise that Kim Kardashian is always getting gifts from brands. Whether its designers wanting the fashion forward celeb to rock their wares or cosmetics brands loving when she dons their goods, it's great to be Kim Kardashian. Now, McDonald's gave Kim Kardashian a Givenchy wallet so we can get in on the love? After all, who doesn't have a love for the major fast food giant? Apparently, the golden arches loves a good shout-out, and they say thank you with high fashion and gift cards. You've got to give it up to them. They know Kim K well.

Friday, Kardashian took to her Snapchat to showcase a gift she'd received from the famous hamburger chain. Inside the all black box, Kardashian found a gorgeous black Givenchy wallet with "I Feel Love" inscribed in bold white lettering. Inside of the high-end wallet, though? A plethora of McDonald's gift cards. Talk about a present! A Givenchy wallet filled with the ability to get fries on the regular? Who wouldn't love it.

As for why McDonalds sent Kim Kardashian such an extravagant gift? On Kardashian's website, the star admitted that she loves fast food, and McDonald's is one of her go-tos. Their chicken nuggets are apparently one of her guilty pleasures. If a guilty pleasure gets me a Givenchy wallet and vouchers for even more McNuggets, I'm in.

While the note that accompanied the bag in Kardashian's Snapchat isn't completely legible, it's clear that the reality star's shoutout on her website impressed the french fry king of fast food.

The other part of Kardashian's present? Tons of gift cards to McDonald's. So while Kardashian may not indulge in fast food very often according to her site, she has a free pass to do so now. Who knows, maybe she'll even share it with her sisters.

Kim Kardashian's Givenchy wallet from McDonald's is totally killer, and full of surprise. It's honestly the perfect gift for anyone with a craving for fries and a passion for fashion. Sounds like something everyone can get into.

Images: Kim Kardashian West/Snapchat