How Many Kyshadow Palettes Are There?

Brace yourselves, because Kylie Cosmetics is finally releasing some eyeshadows — or, shall we say, Kyshadows. After scrambling to nab her quick-to-sell-out Lip Kits, and coveting her gorgeous glosses, it is at last time to shop her eye collection. So, how many different Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes will there be?

Kylie Jenner first teased the new collection across her various social media accounts by posting a video on the Kylie Cosmetics Twitter account, where she talked about her #summersurprises, including "one of the biggest Kylie Cosmetics surprises," which she revealed would be announced Monday, July 25th. She also that she was "so excited" for the launch, and that she'd been working on it for a "really, really long time."

We got a few more clues when she posted a mysterious close-up rendering of her impeccably made-up eye, accompanied with a caption promising that info about the new products would be released on her paid-subscription app and website 1 p.m. EST. It was quite the tantalizing hint, and it quickly got fans speculating on what the new collection would contain, and guesses ranged from "Kybrow" pomade, to a line of false "Kylashes," and everything between. Luckily, now we know what the collection truly contains —and it happens to be every bit as fabulous as we'd all hoped.

As with the Lip Kits, she's keeping the collection of colors on the smaller side, with just one palette — but also like the Lip Kits, it includes all the shades you really need. For now, she's kicking things off with her Bronze Palette, a multi-purpose eyeshadow palette containing nine gorgeous shades. It'll work for just about any occasion, with its ultra-wearable colors — it's got everything from an eyeliner-appropriate blacker-than-black "Obsidian," to the gorgeously rich "Bronzite," to lovely highlight shades like "Jasper" and "Quartz." It's all tied together with a somewhat unexpected shade — "Citrine," a shade of orange that's surprisingly flattering.

Kylie revealed that she's been wearing the palette in all of her selfies and Snapchats over the past "five or six months," so you need look no further than her various social media accounts to see the new shades in action.

The new Kyshadow palette is the latest addition to Jenner's a collection of new product releases that so far includes the aforementioned palette, four new Lip Kit-inspired glosses, as well as three absolutely gorgeous new Lip Kits. We're technically only about halfway through summer — so, what will the summer of surprises bring next? Apparently, this palette is the first in a set of three that will be released within the year, so we've got a lot left to look forward to.

What do you think? Will you be shopping the new Bronze Kyshadow palette? It certainly looks like it's worth waiting in virtual line for.